A Sure Hope — Jenny Harrison

Today I’m thrilled to welcome Jenny Harrison as she shares some encouragement and hope for all of us.

There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off. (Proverbs 23; 18, NIV)

Recently, I read reviews for matchmaking services. Men and women put much hope in their search for a partner. Let’s take Debra, for example. Anxious to settle down with a life partner, she gave a nice chunk of change to a matchmaking firm, had an interview with a relationship coach, and left with high expectations. She met her dates but each one was a huge disappointment. The first admitted he was married, the second was unemployed, and the third was a heavy smoker. She’d specifically requested a single, employed, non-smoker. She went back to her relationship coach, revised her profile, and tried again. Several months later, with no suitable matches, her coach said her preferences were too stringent. Not wanting to settle for just anyone, Debra withdrew her profile and registered with another firm. She paid them another chunk of change with much the same result. Her hope of finding a soulmate waned, her savings account dipped, and her fear of remaining alone stood strong.

While a fictional account, the hopelessness Debra experienced was common among matchmaking reviewers. In contrast, Jesus offers lasting hope. The woman at the well had a string of relationships that didn’t meet her deepest needs yet her encounter with Jesus did (John 4:1-26, NIV). Many others have similar testimonies. Several years ago, I felt I needed a significant other in order to feel of value. Rebuilding life following divorce, I learned that having a significant other isn’t where hope is found. Though it’s easy to place our hope in others, only one Person can deliver.

Dear Lord, during this Christmas seasons especially, help us put our hope in You. Only You can meet our deepest needs. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

About Jenny

Jenny Harrison is an administrative professional who has liked to write as long as she can remember. She’s had one devotional and two articles published in magazines/newspapers. She aspires to authoring a devotional book and at least two novels in the future.



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