By The Numbers series

Most people think accountants are boring, but Carly Turnquist, forensic accountant, is about to prove them wrong. Whether she’s close to home and looking for embezzled funds to clear her daughter’s name, or lounging on a dude ranch in New Mexico trying to find a murderer, you can be sure Carly will always jump at the chance to poke her nose in to get at the truth.

No Accounting for Murder, Book 1 in the series, finds Carly trying to keep an unscrupulous business from opening a nudist colony in Bear Cove, Maine. However, when she tries to talk to the mayor, he avoids her then disappears. In the meantime, Carly’s daughter is accused of stealing money and asks Carly for help, at the same time as a mysterious numbered company in Indianapolis first offers her a job then threatens her when she declines the offer. Is the nudist colony connected to the mayor’s disappearance? Is the missing money the reason why the mayor is later found dead? And is the ploy to lure her out of town part of the mystery man’s MO? Can Carly solve all these mysteries, or will she end up in the morgue alongside the mayor?

There Was a Crooked Man, Book 2, finds Carly solving a murder before she even gets off the plane as she and husband Mike travel to New Mexico for a working vacation–working for Mike, vacation for her. But when they arrive, Carly’s nose for a mystery is soon on high alert. Veiled threats, missing stock and inventory, a mysterious note in an old family Bible–and then Carly’s specialty, a murder, all in the midst of the snowstorm of the century, threatens to put Carly on ice–permanently.

Unbalanced, Book 3, finds Carly back in Bear Cove, planning her son’s wedding. However, Carly sees a bank robbery that nobody else will admit happened, and soon Carly is embroiled in another mystery that threatens her career and her life. Mike’s long-lost brother shows up but soon disappears again, leaving his young son behind. And somebody is trying to prevent the wedding from happening at all. When the bank is robbed again and the wedding gifts are stolen, though, Carly has reached the limit. Her search for justice, however, threaten certain mob connections who aren’t content to let her win. Can she solve the mysteries, or will they silence her forever?

Releases April 30th, 2016 — Five and Twenty Blackbirds, Book 4, finds Carly and Mike in Arizona for his 25th college reunion. What should have been a week in the desert with nothing to do soon turns into a murder investigation when Mike’s former professor is murdered and a teaching assistant is accused. Mix in an old school chum of Carly’s who has tracked her down and asked her to return something for him, and you can be sure Carly is off and running again. Can she figure out who is behind three murders before they decide to finish her off once and for all?

All books are available on in digital and print.

More books to follow. Stay tuned for Carly’s adventures.







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