Taking Time to Slow Down


In a world of instant information and communication, it is harder and harder to get some decent writing done. When we type on our computers and work on our stories, it is easy to check on our social media, email, or the latest news. I find those things very distracting and fight to keep hold of my writing time. I think Nathan Bransford has written an excellent article on this topic.

Nathan has a website full of helpful ideas and inspirational articles for the writer. I would encourage you to hop on over there and see what he has to say. Today’s featured link is from his site, Nathan Bransford.

Creative thinking  requires a calmness and a blocking out of distractions in order to let ideas come to you. Decision making requires you to truly be in touch with how you feel and to stop and listen to yourself. They require concentration, which can be in short supply. Click here to read the article.

How do you manage to carve out some time to write or work on projects that mean a lot to you?



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