Words & Seashells — Shannon Vannatter ( + Giveaway )

Today I’m happy to welcome author Shannon Vannatter to the blog as she shares what inspires her writing and her life. Read through to the end to find out how you can enter her giveaway.

I spent the first eighteen years of my writing journey working my office into the space I had. The break table back when I had a normal job, a corner of the living room, a corner in the den. Since seashells have always inspired and fascinated me, I knew someday I’d have a real office decorated in seashells. I bought pastel seashell fabric for future curtains and stored it away. During those waiting years, word art became a thing and I realized I needed words in my office too.

Four years ago, we added an office on to the back of our house with an adjoining sunroom. I sewed my long-ago stored fabric into curtain toppers. Seashells and beach décor rule. I’ve found favorite items at flea markets including my desk, the word Kiss, and beachy decor. My seahorse glitter globe, favorite bookmark, and shell collecting book were Cracker Barrel Finds. Hobby Lobby provided inspiration cubes, wall décor, and more word art.

When I need a break from words, I watch sappy romance movies or work a jigsaw puzzle in the sunroom. Years ago, my parents got me a puzzle board with drawers for storing pieces. It stayed in the closet most of the time and came out once a year or so. Since I have a sunroom, I keep a jigsaw going all the time now. As you can see, my fifteen-year-old cat loves puzzles too. At least he doesn’t bother the pieces, he just likes to lay in the middle of it.

All my words, seashells, and even puzzles inspire the magic that becomes a book. It was fun to use my love for seashells, the beach, and Christmas to write a novella for a Christmas at the beach collection, Candy Cane Wishes & Saltwater Dreams.

What inspires you? Leave a comment below to be entered for a chance to win an e-book giveaway of Candy Cane Wishes and Saltwater Dreams.


NOVELLA INCLUDES: Coastal Christmas Charade by Shannon Taylor Vannatter – Lark Pendleton is banking on a high-society wedding to make her grandparent’s inn at Surfside Beach, Texas the venue to attract buyers. Tasked with sprucing up the inn, she hires Jace Wilder, whose heart she once broke. When the bride and groom turn out to be Lark’s high school nemesis and ex-boyfriend, she and Jace embark on a pretend romance to save the wedding. But when real feelings emerge, can they overcome past hurts?

Candy Cane Wishes & Saltwater Dreams – Amazon


Award winning author, Shannon Taylor Vannatter writes contemporary Christian cowboy romance and has over a dozen published titles. A romance reader since her teens, she hopes to entertain Christian women and plant seeds in the non-believer’s heart as she demonstrates that love doesn’t conquer all—Jesus does.

She gleans fodder for her fiction in rural Arkansas where she spent her teenage summers working the concession stand with her rodeo announcing dad and married a Texan who morphed into a pastor. Shannon is Scrivenings Press Acquisitions/Content Editor. In her spare time, she loves hanging out with her husband and son, flea marketing, and doing craft projects.

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4 thoughts on “Words & Seashells — Shannon Vannatter ( + Giveaway )

    • They are so pretty, Debra. There’s a crystal mine in AR. My parents took our son there when he was younger. They picked up a bunch but they were all stained with orange clay dirt. They bought stuff that takes that off and cleans them up. I never thought of that, I thought they just came clean and shiny.

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