Five Reasons Why You DO Need Another Book Reviewing Site — LaVerne St. George

Today I’m happy to welcome author LaVerne St. George to the blog to share her insights on

“Why?” you may ask. “Plenty of reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. Why would I need another review site?” Here’s why.

  1. Power Search – It’s called “Power” for a reason. Seven points of access with drop-down search boxes make searching a delight.  Find authors and reviewers by name, search by publishing and review dates, the letter Grade the book received from the reviewer, Book Type (which translates to romance subgenre) or Sensuality Rating. Search one of these elements or a combination of them. Want to know which books published in 2010 were reviewed in the Shapeshifter Romance Book Type and received the coveted “A” rating? Power Search will give you the answer. Even Google can’t do that without a lot of trial and error.
  2. Sensuality Rating – Every book  is given a Sensuality Rating, a rating on a scale with clear definitions that let you know how much sex is in the book from “Kisses” to “Burning”. You know exactly how much heat you’ll get BEFORE you buy the book. I include this rating in the descriptions of my own books, because, like you, I want to know, and covers and descriptions often don’t cut it.
  3. Romance Readers Reviewing Romance – “We are a team of readers and writers from all over the world who share one thing: a love of books, especially those focused on romance.” No book critics from a major newspaper or magazine unconnected to the genre. Every reviewer at AAR is a romance lover and has read enough and critically reviewed enough to explain clearly what the author did right and where the author missed the mark.
  4. Steals and Deals – The site keeps readers up-to-date on current book deals and sales. You’re sure to find a sale price on something great anytime you visit.
  5. Reviews Plus – Interviews, message boards, the Blog, reader polls, comments on books and reviews. AAR is a lively place. Lists of upcoming romances are issued each month as well as an annual “Best of the Year.” Recent blogs by screen watchers who also had read the adapted books offered views on the Netflix series “Virgin River” and “The Bridgertons”. And there’s The Ask@AAR, a Friday Blog feature asking readers what you think about an issue in romance. The “Plus” alone is worth a visit to this dynamic site.

AAR is not a mega-book store, and in this case that’s a GOOD thing. With over 15,000 insightful reviews, Power Search, and Sensuality ratings, you’re bound to easily find exactly what you’re in the mood for. Come for the reviews; stay for the “Plus.” AAR Is All About Romance.


“Never date an employee.” That’s David Mansfield’s personal rule, and he’s sticking to it. Hayley Lancaster knows that getting involved with someone at work is a risky proposition. At their first meeting, Hayley unwittingly insults David. Add the fact she’s dating his friend-turned-arch-rival, and chances of involvement with him seem slim. As she strives to impress the handsome CEO with her work, however, unexpected personal chemistry bubbles up between them.

David is impressed… and distracted by the way his pulse quickens every time Hayley smiles at him. Past betrayals make him cautious; he’d like to let down his guard. If only she didn’t work in his company. If only she wasn’t seeing Peter. It doesn’t take long for Hayley to recognize David’s trust issues and to realize that, against her better judgment, she’s falling for the boss. When David’s interest suddenly cools, Hayley is devastated. She expects to lose her job — she just wishes she hadn’t lost her heart.


Content Rating: Sweet Kisses

E-book ON SALE through the holidays!


Award-winning author LaVerne St. George is known for her delightful sweet and inspirational romances and her believable characters. Her training as a librarian fuels her research, and she enjoys sharing her writing experience and love of romance with any audience that asks her. She’s into crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, crocheting, reruns of “The Rifleman,” and the beach.







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