New Release — Rhonda Blackhurst ( + Giveaway )

Today I’m happy to welcome Rhonda Blackhurst to the blog to talk about her latest story. Read through to the end to find out how you can enter her giveaway.

Melanie Hogan discovers the evils that lurk beneath one’s thirst for power and money. Will her murder be one of them?

Melanie Hogan is a beauty salon owner who has been the poster child for the name “Stable Mable.” When she one day yearns for some excitement and spontaneity in her life, she gets it—in bodies! Book 6 in the series, Shear Fear, is now available!

After working in the law enforcement arena for the past twenty-plus years, most recently at a district attorney’s office for fourteen of those years, my brain had been filled with true crime, often which doesn’t leave any winners in its wake. On the other hand, writing cozy mysteries is “fun” crime and became my escape. The cast of characters is colorful, the settings are typically cozy small towns, and the ending gets tied in a pretty red bow—a welcome distraction from the aforementioned true crime. The Melanie Hogan series has been enjoyable to write.

It’s common for an author’s personality and world to come to life to some extent through the characters s/he creates, and this series is no different. Melanie is quite sarcastic, and I’ve had years of experience in that department, mastering it quite well. However, I am mellowing as I age. 😊  Also, I used to be a salon manager back in the day, and some of the things that occur there simply cannot be made up. In fact, if I wrote about actual events, readers might say, “No way; that would never happen.” Oh, but it does!

A short story in the series, “Shear Camping Caper,” (to be released by the end of 2021) is next in the queue, followed by Shear Misfortune, the last in the series. And on the not-so-distant horizon is an entirely new series, The Spirit Lake Mysteries. Stay tuned!


What is your favorite cozy mystery book/author you’ve read? Comment to receive a free ebook of Shear Fear.


Rhonda resides in Colorado with her husband and her spoiled Pomeranian, Roscoe. Her writing career took flight when she was caught writing with her crayons on the knotty pine walls of the family home at just four years old. She is also a freelance proofreader, editor, and indie-publishing coach. Recently retired as a paralegal, she can now be found hibernating in coffee shops or her home office, occasionally emerging for coffee and dark chocolate.

9 thoughts on “New Release — Rhonda Blackhurst ( + Giveaway )

  1. This author is new to me but their books look very intriguing and look like fantastic reads. Love the book cover, it makes me want to read it.
    My favorite Cozy Mystery/Mystery is by Amorette Anderson. Her series The Hillcrest Witch Cozy Mystery 13 book series is my favorite.
    Hope I Win

    • Hi Crystal! I looked up Amorette’s books on Amazon. They look delightful! We’ll be selecting the winner for my book on Friday. 🙂

  2. Your book sounds so intriguing. I have a lot of favorite cozy mystery authors. I will narrow it down to two. I really enjoy reading the Hannah Swenson mysteries by Joanne Fluke. I am also enjoying the Addie Foster mysteries by Kimberley O’Malley. Thank you so much for sharing.

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