Percherons and Plums — Katrina Kyle

I’m delighted to welcome author Katrina Kyle to the blog today for an author spotlight and more!

Hello! I’m thrilled to be here for the first time today. Joining with like-minded readers is something special, and I love me some sweet, swoony romance.

For my Damson Acres series, inspiration struck when my mom called to tell me about a draft pull she watched at their local county fair. Being a horse enthusiast, the event intrigued me. Teams of squat, well-muscled, heavy horses competing against one another to see who can drag the most weight? I’d say that showcases the draft horses’ immense strength unlike any other event out there! I decided then and there that I’d write a series involving a draft horse ranch (because hey, I love me a handsome cowboy) and the family who breeds and shows their animals at draft pulls. Thus, the research began.

I grew up riding horses and continue to ride my own horse with my little daughters to this day. While I’ve never worked with draft breeds, I’ve always admired their calm personalities. In particular, the Sellars family from my stories raise Percheron horses.

What exactly is a Percheron? It’s a heavy draft horse originally bred in France. Weighing between 1900-2100 pounds, a Percheron can pull up to 15 times it’s body weight, and that figure increases exponentially with a team of Percherons. What I love about them is they are such a versatile breed. Their noble, muscular build has been used for farm work, in the dressage ring, as circus performers, draft pulls, and the steed of choice for French Knights. That’s a pretty well-rounded animal!

Maybe I’ll be fortunate enough to ride one someday.

The Sellars appear in each book in the series, but really they are just neighbors to the primary setting, a gorgeous damson plum orchard in California’s San Joaquin valley. Three sisters labor to save the family orchard they love – and find romance along the way. Book three is scheduled to release July 29, 2021. You can preorder it here:

Thank you for having me, and I wish you lots of reading time this weekend! *wink


  • What (2 or 3) fun or unique things can you tell us about yourself?

I’m a mom of four littles including a set of twins, am a Just Dance junkie, and hit the trail on my horse every chance I get.

  • What do you enjoy most about writing?

One of my favorite things about the creative process is how the characters take me places I never dreamed or planned. I start each story with a loose plot and generally have an idea of where they’ll start and how they’ll end, but everything in between is a fabulous journey I look forward to at the start of each book.

  • Where is your favorite vacation spot?

I love the mountains. If I could sit around a fire surrounded by towering pines and clear, rushing water every day, my life would be pure bliss! The quiet reading time and night sky is pretty spectacular, too.


Katrina Kyle is a Utah, USA native who loves all things horses, chocolate, and romance. She and her husband claim four rambunctious kids, a puppy, and six chickens. You can expect a sweet happily-ever-after from each of her books. 

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EXCERPT FROM “Halle’s Healing”

“Hey Halle, help the customer at the desk, will ya’?”

Biting her tongue to hold back her retort about making the new girl do everything, Halle rolled to her stomach and crossed the shop to the office up front. She pulled a soiled rag from her coveralls and wiped pointlessly at her stained oil-black fingers.

“What can I do for you, sir?” she asked. The tall, balding gentleman rose a brow skeptically and joked, “What, they were so desperate for bike mechanics today that they pulled the receptionist into the shop?”

Halle stared pointedly at the customer while he chuckled at his own wit, oblivious to her ire. She’d said it a thousand times, and she’d bet her last dollar she’d say it a thousand more. “I’m Jerry’s latest and greatest mechanic, actually. You here for the V-Star or the Rebel? Finished them both up this afternoon.”

Mouth agape, the ape wearing a t-shirt two sizes too big scratched his noggin and said, “Uh… the V-Star.”

“Alright sir, I’ll ring you up and take your payment and then I’ll be right back with your motorcycle. She’s purring like a kitten and ready for the asphalt.”

She was relieved to return to the shop after that ignoramus left. Hands on her hips, Halle surveyed the cramped space with an expert eye. Parts of all shapes and sizes were pushed to the edges of the garage, some piled on top of the others. Years of grime clung to the concrete floor, and the shelves lining the walls held items that didn’t look like they’d been touched in a decade. The place was dingy, sure, but for Halle, the garage was the key to her independence, and that was a beautiful thing. Motorcycles had always been her thing. Lizzie loved horses, Meg kickboxing. Halle knew all the polite conversational things to say about both those topics, but nobody in the Trudy family, not even her sisters, understood her obsession with grease and horsepower. She could take a bike apart and put it back together with her eyes closed. Yep, she’d tried it – twice – and made only minor mistakes. Brake lines feel almost identical to clutch lines; anyone would confuse the two. 

2 thoughts on “Percherons and Plums — Katrina Kyle

  1. Hi, I enjoyed reading this post. Thank you for sharing about your love for horses, when I was a teenager we had a horse and we had alot of fun riding him. His name was Big Red and we loved him. Wow the Percheron are so very muscular and they look so strong, they are beautiful. Your book sounds like a great read, Thank you for sharing the excerpt, I love your book cover. Have a Great rest of the week and stay safe. God Bless you and your family.

    • Hi Alicia.
      Thank you for sharing. The thing I’ve learned about horses like Big Red is that when we love them, we overlook their faults. I think horses do that with their people, too.
      I’m happy you found me here. Thank you!

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