Why Audio Books — Karin Beery

Today I’m happy to welcome author Karin Beery to the blog as she shares why she loves audio books.

I love fiction—movies, TV shows, books. It doesn’t matter as long as I can slip into a new world and get lost in someone else’s lives for a few hours. Despite this love of fiction, though, it took me years before I tried my first audio book. I borrowed them from the library for my aunt, but I never picked one up for myself.

All of that changed when I planned on making a several hour drive by myself and the dread of the trip kept me awake at night. I’m not exaggerating—I couldn’t sleep as I tried to figure out how to stay awake in the car alone.

Enter the audio book.

Cue the life-changing music.

I don’t know why I never considered audio books before that trip, but since then I’ve listened to several dozen books each year. Plus, you can borrow them for the library and listen to them on your phone! Is there anything better than having a book in your pocket? I don’t think so.

When my first book was published, I had some friends ask when it would be available on audio book. They had long commutes to work, so those trips were their “reading” times. They focused on family at home and work in the office, but those solo trips in the car gave them hours of uninterrupted reading time each week.

Until a few years ago, I didn’t understand. Now, I thrilled to announce that Summer Plans and Other Disasters will be available on audio book this summer! I reviewed each chapter after the narrator recorded it, and I’m tickled at the personalities and voices she gave to Stacey, Jack, Ryan, and Callie. I laughed out loud at several parts!

If you’re looking for a great beach “read” that will let you keep an eye on the kids while you’re outside enjoying the sun, Summer Plans and Other Disasters is the light-hearted read for you. You can listen:

  • On walks
  • Bike riding
  • At the beach
  • Working out
  • Commuting
  • Traveling
  • Camping
  • Sun bathing

Honestly, there’s no such thing as a bad time to listen to audio books.

What’s your favorite audio book? Who’s your favorite narrator?

Summer Plans and Other Disasters

Elementary school music teacher Callie Stevens thinks she’s finally figured out God ’s plan for her life—she even made a list to keep her on track. Moving in with her brother and reconnecting with her ex-boyfriend are at the top of the list. What ’s not on the list is running into her childhood crush, Ryan. God wanted her to connect with Kyle, right? Trying to figure out God ’s plan is hard enough. But a dating-averse older brother, the young blonde who adores him, a pregnant best friend, and Callie ’s continual mishaps make her wonder whether her best-laid plans were truly God-inspired. 

Available on Amazon!


Karin Beery grew up in a rural Michigan town, where she wrote her first novel in high school. Today, she writes contemporary stories with a healthy dose of romance. When she’s not writing fiction, she’s reading, editing, or teaching it. In her free time, she enjoys watching University of Michigan football and action-adventure movies with her husband and fur babies.







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