Story Setting Details of “The Worst-Kept Secret”

Longer version:

The neat thing about this collection is that each author had the freedom to set up their character’s workplace and home as they wanted. We chose which vehicles they drove, what clothes they wore, and what relationships they developed with others, if any.

For me, having the business housed in a 1940s bungalow at the edge of town was our first setting detail, because I live in a post-World War II house similar to the one in the book. Turning bedrooms into office space was ideal, since we’ve done the same in our own house. My office is in the basement of our house, and if you drew a line to separate my space from hubby’s, you’d have what Cassie’s office looks like. Pared down, lots of storage for the paper files I—she—insists on.

Cassie’s apartment was spare and sparse. Perhaps that stems from the fact hubby and I lived in a one-bedroom apartment after we married where we installed two oversized handmade desk-and-shelving units, built—or should I say overbuilt—from 2X4s and plywood in the living room. (hubby is an engineer, so everything is overbuilt). We basically ate at our desks and lived in our bedroom for the first year after we married because we couldn’t afford to rent office space.

I talked more about Brady’s cars and his counseling space than I did his personal living space because I wanted to focus on those things most important in his life. He spent more time in his limos, at church, and helping victims of addiction than he did in his house.

Cassie drives the same kind of vehicle that I do because I love my minivan. My motto is: have minivan, will travel. Writers are always encouraged to write what we know 😊 Brady’s limo is taken from the memory of my hubby hiring a limousine for a tour around a ritzy part of Denver and then to drop us at an expensive restaurant for our fifth anniversary dinner. The fun thing about that evening was we couldn’t afford for the driver to return us to our home, and we didn’t even have enough money for a cab (this was pre-Uber), so we walked across the street and caught a bus home, then walked six blocks to our townhouse. Such a romantic!

If you’ve never visited, Loveland Colorado is a pretty city, nestled at the foot of Rocky Mountain National Park. Choosing a setting with the word “love” in the name seemed a great idea.  The post office in Loveland is famous for its Valentine’s Day greetings, so this concept worked well for our wedding planner stories.


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  1. This book collection sounds like great reads! The cover is Beautiful! Thank you for the chance. Have a Great week and stay safe. aliciabhaney at sbcglobal dot net

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