Theme/Takeaway of “The Worst-Kept Secret”

Welcome back to Day 3 of our week-long celebration focusing on the launch of “Always a Wedding Planner”.

The theme for The Worst-Kept Secret is that we can’t hide anything from God. He already knows. Yet we spend so much time making excuses, taking unnecessary detours, and simply avoiding the truth. If, instead, we invested our energies in deepening our relationship with God, He would point out those areas that need to change so we can deepen our relationship with Him and enjoy the fullness of His gifts of grace and mercy which He extends to us each day.

Cassie has a secret which she desperately feels she needs to hide for two reasons: she doesn’t want to disappoint her friends and business partners, and she doesn’t want them to ask her to leave the partnership. Another job she can always find; three great friends like Kiki, Ronnie, and Felicity are a treasure of great worth.

Brady also has a secret, not one he consciously tries to hide, but which he prefers to keep a secret because of client confidentiality. He’s heard the rumors around town about his reason for coming to Colorado, but the fact is, if he makes known while he really chose a small town near the Rocky Mountain National Park, he could lose his client base. After all, most of the folks who rent limos are out for a night on the town before they head to the Park to ski and booze. And, yes, occasionally do drugs. Well, he can’t stop them, and if there is money to be made in renting cars, he’ll do it. He needs to live and keep a roof over his head and office space available if he’s going to help folks who really want to make changes in their lifestyle.

The contrast between Cassie’s conservative lifestyle and what she perceives as Brady’s party-boy life demonstrates the difference between trying to make ourselves righteous in our own works, and choosing to live a life that we know isn’t pleasing to God. However, we learn Cassie was wrong about Brady, and in this is the lesson that we shouldn’t listen to rumors. Scripture tells us to go to the person if we have anything against them. Brady also tries so hard to first change Cassie’s opinion of him, and then later to win her back because the applause of others is important to him. He learns through this story that he need please only one: God, which is something we all need to realize, too.

My goal is that readers will finish reading this story with a better understanding that God wants to be the center of our entire life, not just our prayer life, our Sunday or church life, or our private thought life. He longs to be included in every decision we make, in how we vote, in how we spend our money, and in how we treat the disadvantaged and disenfranchised in our neighborhoods and the world. We are all weak, broken vessels in dire need of a Savior, and presenting Him—and us—in this light is my heart’s desire.


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4 thoughts on “Theme/Takeaway of “The Worst-Kept Secret”

  1. This 4 in 1 book sounds so great! The cover is Beautiful! Thank you for the chance. Have a great week and stay safe. aliciabhaney(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  2. I enjoy collection novellas and this sounds amazing. I’m looking forward to reading your tale, Leeann. Blessings on this new release you are a part of.
    Marilynridgway78 ( at) Gmail ( dot) com

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