Celebrating Friendship — Ruth O’Neil ( + Giveaway )

Today I am excited to welcome Ruth O’Neil as she discusses friendship and her latest book. Read through to the end to find out how you could enter her giveaway.

I believe friendship is one of God’s greatest blessings to us. I have had friends over the years that I could call at a moment’s notice and ask them to pray and then I know they will. There have been times I couldn’t talk to my friends because I knew I would break down as soon as I opened my mouth. Twice, out in public, friends just held me while I cried because they spoke to me and I couldn’t speak or hold back the tears. I have shared many, many meals with friends where we have laughed uncontrollably and cried sorrowfully, sometimes on the same day.

That’s what friendship is all about.

That’s why I wrote Lunch Ladies.

These are the dear friends who lent me their hands in prayer on more than one occasion and for the book cover. You can see their faces, but you can’t see their hearts – those are truly remarkable!

None of the characters in my book are based on any one person. They are all conglomerates of friends I’ve had over the years. Some of the stories in the book are true. There’s one scene in the book where one of the ladies loses her car in a parking lot. That’s a true happening. When that particular friend read my book, she didn’t even recognize herself. When I pointed it out, it was one of those moments of uncontrolled laughter.

One Sunday morning I got a call that one of my friends had committed suicide the day before. I was shocked and devastated. It was also an eye-opener. While she didn’t call me for help that fated night, I had to wonder if I would have come to her aid if she had. Would I have been too busy? All I know for sure is that my thoughts definitely changed. I vowed that if any of my friends ever called and needed help, I would drop everything to be there.

What do I hope readers get out of Lunch Ladies? I hope their eyes are opened to see that it doesn’t take much to be a good friend. It could be a simple card with a handwritten note sent through old-fashioned mail. It could be a text to say they’re on your mind and you are praying. It could be a silly meme that reminds you of past events that will bring at least a smile to the face.

I want to give away one signed copy of Lunch Ladies. To enter, please leave a comment about something funny that’s happened with your friends. Each comment gets one entry. But if you don’t want to wait, it’s on sale right now for .99. https://www.amazon.com/Lunch-Ladies-What-Difference-Makes-ebook/dp/B082VMDPFS

About the Book

The walls of Bistro 316 have heard it all.

Seven women. Ryann, Kayleigh, Mackenzie, Mercedes, Zena, Paige, and Angela. Each dealing with her own personal struggle – failed marriage, death of a spouse, illness, family issues, and more. Some are looking for love, some for healing, and some for purpose in life. Satan attacks when they’re down and where they are vulnerable so that they want to give up. Yet through the power of prayer and the strength that can only come from the bond of friendship, they will overcome, even if the endings aren’t all fairy tales. Laughter, tears, and lunch are what hold this group together. But is that enough when the circumstances of life threaten to tear them apart?


About the author

Ruth O’Neil has been a freelance writer for 20-plus years. She sees everything as a writing opportunity in disguise, whether it is an interesting character, setting, or situation. You can find her book series “What a Difference a Year Makes” on Amazon or her website (http://ruthoneil.weebly.com/). You can also visit her on her blog at http://ruths-real-life.blogspot.com/. When she’s not writing or homeschooling her kids, Ruth spends her time quilting, reading, scrapbooking, camping, and hiking with her family. Follow her on Facebook to keep up with new releases – https://www.facebook.com/RuthONeilAuthor


First Page:

If these walls could talk, they would tell you sad stories, happy stories, silly stories, stories some people wish were not repeated…ever. They would tell you of grand plans never fulfilled. These stories would give you a picture of what true friendship is, even in all its imperfectness. These walls have seen tears, heard laughter, and kept secrets. Within these walls, some dreams came true, and some dreams were dashed to pieces.

Most of the walls were brick, the ones that weren’t featured murals of local hotspots and people enjoying them. The artist did an exceptional job of creating people who seemed real. If one looked from just the right angle, the painted person popped right off the wall and seemed to sit at a table like any normal restaurant patron. If one was overly suspicious, these persons could be believed to be listening to every conversation whether private or not. Some of these painted onlookers could be perceived as taking on an appropriate expression for the chatter taking place. They could appear to be happy, sad, or even surprised, but never uninterested.

It is in the shadows of these murals a group of friends meet. These are the walls of the 316 Bistro. The first Monday of every month is important for seven friends. That’s lunch day. Nothing interrupts lunch day.


3 thoughts on “Celebrating Friendship — Ruth O’Neil ( + Giveaway )

  1. My best friend and I would drive to another friends house that was on a dirt road with a big pothole on one side of the drive way. Well one time my best friend managed to back out into the pothole once and had to ask our friends family to help us get out and after that was to embarrassed to drive there.

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