Book Buying Benefits Brains — Pamella Bowen

Today I’m thrilled to welcome author Pamella Bowen as she talks about her children’s book and a great upcoming fundraiser.

My first children’s book, and still one of our best sellers, is Folding Memory: an Alzheimer’s Story. It tells a touching story of Grandpa Glen’s failing memory and how his grandson tries to help. Tam Aden, an artist from Bandon, Oregon, provided the charming illustrations. For families with children, it makes a good conversation-starter to open the topic of dementia.

My husband’s mother and my maternal grandmother both suffered from the disease, and as progress continues on finding a cure, I want to contribute to the cause.

On June 21, the longest day of the year, the Alzheimer’s Association holds their annual Longest Day fundraiser. Instead of collecting sponsorships and walking around town, this drive allows folks to design their own fundraiser. A person could hold a bake sale, play cards, or sell her books. Click here for info on the Longest Day event:

My contribution will be all the royalties from the online sales of Folding Memory: an Alzheimer’s Story. The paperback book retails for $9.99 on After printing costs, I will be able to donate about $2.50 for each book sold. The Kindle version is also available for $3.99 and it yields just about the same royalty. Take your pick.

I am extending my fundraiser from June 1 to June 29, hoping to have a larger donation and make the deadline for a matching fund offer that ends June 30. My goal is to sell a hundred books in the month of June. If you would like to help out, here is the link to the Amazon page:

For more information on Folding Memory, including a video on how to fold origami frogs that hop, please visit our website at The frog-folding will make sense after you read the book, trust me.

About Folding Memory

Glen used to make children laugh with the whimsical hopping frogs he
folded for them. All those joys have faded in the forgetfulness of dementia, now that Grandpa Glen lives in a nursing home. One day Glen’s grandson Daniel sparks his grandpa’s memory in a clever way, showing that Glen’s love and playfulness haven’t died. Parents and grandparents will find Folding Memory: an Alzheimer ’s story a conversation-starter for children whose grandparent suffers from any form of dementia.




About Pamella

Award-winning writer Pamella
Bowen spent 33 years of her life teaching
high-schoolers to write. After retirement,
she set off on her own writing spree, writing
novels, song lyrics, poems, blogs, and entertainment
articles for Echo and Buzz, a local
paper. Folding Memory is her first children’s
book. Pamella learned about dementia from
childhood experience with her paternal
grandmother. Find more of her work at pamellabowen.




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