Author Spotlight — Shannon Taylor Vannatter ( + Giveaway )

Today I’m excited to welcome Shannon Taylor Vannatter for an author spotlight. Don’t miss the giveaway details below.

  • If you were an animal, which one would you be, and why?

My pet. Because my pets are very well taken care of and spoiled rotten. I’ve had dogs and cats for most of my life and currently have three cats. I always told my parents I’d have hoards of pets when I got my own house. Mama would laugh and say, “We’ll see.” She was right. It’s different when it’s my house and I have to clean it.

Two of my cats are outside. But my neutered tom got attacked by coyotes a few years ago and somehow survived. He was missing for eight days and I’d given up on him when he showed up in our shed. He had a broken back leg and torn hip muscle. He only limps slightly now, but I know he couldn’t outrun coyotes anymore, so he stays in at night.

The other two are scaredy cats and never get far from the house, so they’re safe outside. They live on my screened in back porch with catdoor access, a cat house with a warming pad, and fenced in back yard.

  • What is your favorite food?

Seafood. My parents used to take me to eat out at a seafood restaurant on weekends when I was a kid. They’d let me order the seafood platter that had a little bit of everything. Shrimp is my favorite, peel ‘em and eat ‘em or fried. And with pasta. Shrimp Capresi and Alfredo. Stuffed crab, catfish, and tilapia. I love scallops and squid too. I tell my husband that if I ever develop an allergy to seafood, to just shoot me.

  • Tell us how much of yourself you write into your characters.

It depends on the book. Some of my characters are a lot like me and some are polar opposites. I have lived vicariously through a couple of my heroines’ careers I thought I might enjoy. In Reuniting with the Cowboy, Ally is a vet. I’ve always loved pets so much, that I once considered being a vet. Until I learned that vets have to put pets to sleep. I didn’t think I could do that. Ally also runs a no kill animal shelter, so I got to let her keep hoards of pets and find good homes for them.

QUESTION FOR READERS: What do you love about Christian romance books? All comments will go into a drawing for a copy of Sweetheart Reunion.


About Sweetheart Reunion: Hearts Reunited in Cowboy Country

Reuniting with the Cowboy — by Shannon Taylor Vannater

The Cowboy Next Door

A charming cowboy moving in next door shouldn’t be bad news. But veterinarian Ally Curtis knows Cody Warren—she’d never forget the boy who left her when she needed him most. Cody is doing everything he can to show his beautiful neighbor he’s not the wild bull rider he once was, from helping her find homes for her beloved strays, to protecting her when her business is threatened. But Cody has a secret that keeps him from fully reaching out. Yet as they continue to work together to promote her shelter, he can’t keep himself from hoping that Ally might have a home for him…in her heart.

Rocky Mountain Cowboy — by Tina Radcliffe

A Cowboy’s Second Chance

The last person cowboy Joe Gallagher thought he’d see on his ranch was high school sweetheart Rebecca Anshaw Simpson. Twelve years after she married another man, she’s back as his physical therapist. But healing his body is nothing compared to guarding his heart from the woman he never forgot. There’s much the single mom would rather forget, but Becca won’t let regret and a surly rancher get in the way of her job and the chance to start over with her little girl. She has only a few weeks to make peace with her past. But Becca never expected she’d fall all over again for her first love.

Purchase Link:

About Shannon:

Award winning author, Shannon Taylor Vannatter writes contemporary Christian cowboy romance and has over a dozen published titles. A romance reader since her teens, she hopes to entertain Christian women and plant seeds in the non-believer’s heart as she demonstrates that love doesn’t conquer all—Jesus does.

She gleans fodder for her fiction in rural Arkansas where she spent her teenage summers working the concession stand with her rodeo announcing dad and married a Texan who morphed into a pastor. In her spare time, she loves hanging out with her husband and son, flea marketing, and doing craft projects.

Connect with her: Shannon’s Website, Shannon’s Blog, Shannon’s Facebook, Shannon’s Goodreads, Shannon’s Pinterest, Shannon’s Twitter, and Shannon’s Amazon Author Page. Sign up for her Newsletter to get a free e-book and behind the scenes info: Shannon’s Newsletter


6 thoughts on “Author Spotlight — Shannon Taylor Vannatter ( + Giveaway )

  1. I love CF because I know there will not be sex, language and filth that I don’t want in my head. I love the purity of the wholesome stories and the Biblical and spiritual truths they teach. I’m always learning from them.

  2. That’s exactly why I started writing, Kathy. Because I couldn’t find any clean romance at the library. So I decided to write what I like to read. I set out to write a clean romance, but since I’m a Christian, a spiritual thread came out in my writing. I am considering writing a clean romance one of these days though in hopes that someone who isn’t a believer might discover my Christian titles.

    • Hey Michelle. Same here. It’s nice to just completely enjoy a story without anything popping up that you don’t want to read. I used to have dachshunds. I have three in weenie dog heaven. Now I have three cats.

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