The HEART of the Matter — Dr. Julia E. Antoine

Disclaimer: some of the books by this author are termed “high heat” and may contain explicit scenes. While our goal is to introduce new-to-you authors and highlight old favorites, we urge readers to use their own discretion when purchasing and/or reading.

Today we introduce Dr Julia E. Antoine…

This anthology tries to ask the question, “Is it possible to have many mothers?” There’s the one who birth you and then there are all the women who touched your life even in the most minuscule way. Nine authors got together to bring you this collection of stories. They range from award-winning and best-selling authors, to a single debut author. They come to you from across the globe: India, England, The Caribbean, America, New Zealand and Spain. Each of these stories demonstrate, “nobody leaves a more permanent mark on us than our mothers—and, as these nine moving stories prove, no two mom-daughter dynamics are exactly alike…..”

Enjoy, The HEART of The Matter:  A Mother’s Love, a continuous reading pleasure.

About Julia:

DR. JULIA E. ANTOINE, aka Ju Ephraime, is the author of numerous bestsellers and award-winning novels, including, I Will Follow: to Eternity and Beyond and her highlander historical series, The Campbell Brothers. Dr. Antoine always knew she would be a writer. She started writing short stories for the local radio station in her hometown before she had even graduated high school. These days her time is spent plotting and creating new stories. When she’s not plotting out her next book, she travels extensively researching new locations to color her stories. She lives in the New England area with her wonderful life companion and her favorite pet, her dog, Gus.

Visit her at or


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