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Today I’m thrilled to welcome Judythe Morgan as she shares about her latest series.

The first two books of THE PROMISES Series began as standalone novels then expanded into a series when a reader asked what happened to one of the main characters. The fourth book came into being because the main character informed me the character I’d chosen for him wasn’t his soul mate.

Though the characters and plots are fictional, each story is chocked-full of memoir-like scenes from my own time as a Department of Army Civilian (DAC) in South Korea during the Vietnam War.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Vietnam POWs and think that has driven my desire to write these stories. In fact, I still have the POW bracelet I wore until the officer whose name appeared on my bracelet, returned home.

Book 1, Love in the Morning Calm, brings DAC Lily Reed Johnson, Lieutenant David Sands, and Major Alex Cabot together at Eighth Army Headquarters, South Korea. Their lives become entwined forever when Alex is classified MIA-presumed dead in Vietnam and Lily must make a life-changing decision.

Many of the scenes in this book come from actual experiences I had when I joined my husband for his unaccompanied tour in South Korea.

Book 2, The Pendant’s Promise is set twenty years later. Alex reappears, very much alive and well. Love reignites. Only Alex believes Lily betrayed her promise to wait for him. Lily’s convinced telling him the truth could cost her the only man she’ll ever love and her daughter.

This story tells how simple decisions made with good intentions can be costly.

Book 3, Until He Returns, was planned to end the series with David Sands’ story. He and Shirley had been attracted to one another from the first time they’d met. It’s a short read and a sweet love story.

Doing my research for this story made me aware of how deeply lives can be affected when a loved one has POW/MIA status. I was happy to share Shirley and David’s story and give her the closure so many still seek.

After that book came out, David let me know that Shirley wasn’t his last love. Having fictional characters talk to you may sound a bit weird, but it happens all the time to me, and to other writers too.

I was totally shocked. But what was I to do but write another story for David?

Book 4, Promises to Keep released on November 11, 2018. A fitting release date since all the PROMISES story heroes are now veterans.

Debra was Shirley’s best friend and business partner. She and David have been friends for years. They comfort each other in their grief then work together to close out his dead wife’s estate. Will keeping their promises to Shirley bring new love?

I’m both sad and glad that the series has ended, or at least I think it has. I enjoyed getting to know all these characters.

Of course, I never know when another character or reader is going to pop up and want another connected military story.

 About the book:

David Sands lost his wife three years ago. Still immersed in grief, he procrastinates selling the contents of her antiques-filled condominium and donating all proceeds to the non-profit foundation they established to support families of MIA and POW soldiers. He knows he promised her he would, but for David, selling everything means accepting she’s gone.

Debra Hughes, antiques business partner and best friend to David’s late wife, promised to look after David, to help him deal with his grief. She’s kept her promise, but her strong attraction to him has become an emotional liability.

The estate executor mandates David must complete the terms of his wife’s will and assigns Debra to oversee the liquidation. As David and Debra labor side-by-side, their bond grows beyond friendship.

Will working together open their eyes and hearts to new promises – this time to one another?

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About Judythe:

Award-winning author Judythe Morgan was an Air Force daughter then an Army wife and a one time-Department of Army Civilian employee. She’s seen a lot of this big world.

She’s also a mother/grandmother, antiques dealer, teacher, former mayor’s wife, and sometimes-church pianist. Recently, she’s ventured into Sacred Harp singing and playing bridge. She’s a busy lady, but she always has time to love on her Old English sheepdog Finnegan MacCool and his Maltese brother, Buster.

Her diverse experiences have made her life full, her stories authentic, and her characters vivid and that, in turn, has earned her fiction numerous writing awards. She writes her stories from a Christian worldview and you’ll always find an emotionally satisfying ending.

Learn more about Judythe on her website and her blog View from the Front Porch. You can also connect with her on FB, Twitter, and Goodreads.


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