Until He Returns — Judythe Morgan

Today I’m excited to welcome Judythe Morgan as she shares about her latest book.

Judythe Morgan is an award-winning author, who has juggled many hats. An Air Force daughter and Army wife, she’s also a one time-Department of Army Civilian, mother/grandmother, antiques dealer, school teacher and Bible teacher, former mayor’s wife, and sometimes-church pianist.

Her diverse experiences have made her life full, her stories authentic, and her characters vivid. Her writing has earned numerous awards.

Visit her website or her blog View from the Front Porch to learn more. You can also connect on FB, Twitter, and Goodreads.

Where did you get the idea for the book, character, or series (if applicable)?

THE PROMISES Series began as standalone novels. Though fictional characters and plots, each story is chocked full of memoir-like scenes from my own time as a Department of Army Civilian (DAC) in South Korea during the Vietnam War.

After all, writers should write what they know.

In Book 1, Love in the Morning Calm, fate brings DAC Lily Reed Johnson, Lieutenant David Sands, and Major Alex Cabot together at Eighth Army Headquarters, South Korea. Their lives become entwined forever. Then Alex is classified MIA-presumed dead in Vietnam and Lily must make a life changing decision.

In Book 2, The Pendant’s Promise, Alex reappears, very much alive and well. The lost years melt away and love reignites. Only, Alex believes Lily betrayed her promise to wait for him. Lily’s convinced telling him the truth could cost her the only man she’ll ever love and her daughter.

I loved writing those two books. Readers enjoyed reading them judging by the reviews. Well, all except one.

In 2016, I included both books in a basket I donated for the South Fork, Colorado Winter Festival. Shortly after the festival, the basket winner contacted me. She wanted to know what happened to David Sands. “He deserves a happy ending too,” she said.

I hadn’t considered the possibility of a story for David, but I discovered other readers also wondered about what happened to him.

Enter Until He Returns and the birth of my PROMISES series.

In researching Until He Returns, I become profoundly aware of the many lives affected by POW/MIA status from as far back as WWI and Korea. I was happy to share Shirley and David’s story and give her the closures so many still seek.

Every Memorial Day my heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones in military service and I say a special prayer for those who are still waiting for closure on their loved ones.


Shirley Carlson’s husband has been MIA in Vietnam for decades. She’s filled her life with family, friends, her business, and David Sands’ companionship. He wants more. She can’t seem to move forward until her husband’s remains come home. When David proposes, will Shirley say yes or watch her new love walk away?


Amazon Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/Until-He-Returns-PROMISES-Book-ebook/dp/B0784KJC33/

Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/Until-He-Returns-PROMISES-3/dp/0990883515/

iTunes Book Store: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/book/until-he-returns/id1318306621

B&N Nook Book: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/until-he-returns-judythe-morgan/1127582347

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/until-he-returns


Chapter 1

David Sands tapped his glass as if we were at a banquet. Once he had everyone’s attention, he stood. “I have an announcement.” His eyes swept the group and settled on me. “After twenty-eight years, I’m retiring.”

Applause and shouts of joy erupted from the five of us seated at the Cabot Grove dining table. David was still a relatively young man, five years my junior. What would retirement mean for him?

Alex lifted his glass. “Hear, hear! It’s about time.”

David winked at me. “Guess those excuses about not dating an Army officer aren’t going to work anymore. I’ll no longer be active duty.”

I gave a weak smile.

Alex’s wife Lily grinned. “That’s right, Shirley. I’m sure Beth and Jay would be happy to babysit Chuck so we can double date.”

I swallowed a frustrated sigh. Lily wouldn’t give up pushing me into a relationship with David.

My son Jay and his wife nodded enthusiastic agreement. “Absolutely.”

David took my hand. “How about a movie next week?”

I slipped my hand from his, tucked my head, and pushed the food around on my plate. “We’ll see. I have a major estate sale to prepare for. It’ll depend on how much I get done.”

He seemed to accept my vague answer and conversation shifted to other topics.

After dessert, David walked me to Jay’s car while Beth and Jay lingered with their goodbyes. Since my son and daughter lived with me on the farm, we’d driven the short distance to the Cabots together.

David opened the back door. I slid inside. He leaned in, turning my face until our eyes met. “We’ve been friends long enough. I’m ready to move forward.”


He placed his fingers over my lips. His expression filled with yearning. “Give me a chance to show you we belong together.”

Jay and Beth were coming. I sighed, unable to fight him anymore tonight. “Okay.”

I’ll be calling,” he said with a wink and practically skipped to his car.

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