Four Reasons Why I Write Children’s Chapter Books — Amberly Clowe

Today I’m excited to welcome Amberly Clowe as she discusses her latest book.

Amberly Kristen Clowe has loved literature since she was a little girl. The elementary school teacher now has three published children’s stories and Teeny Sweeney and the Mustache Cash due in April of 2018. Amberly is kept wonderfully busy by spending time with family, along with tackling her many writing projects and teaching children at her church.

You can find Amberly online at these websites. Sign up for her monthly newsletter to receive free Bible lessons for children and bookish updates. Amberly also publishes a new children’s Bible lesson on her Five Minute Friday blog each week.


1. Humor.

Kids who are devouring early chapter books like for authors to bring the funny. They want to belly laugh. They want to become lost in a world full of silly.

I totally get that.

Actually, I love it.

I enjoy creating crazy, unpredictable one-liners. It’s exciting to help inspire new readers through humor.

2. Realistic Fiction.

This is a common theme in children’s chapter books. The plots, events, and characters in the story are tied to real life. Kids can see themselves in the pages of this genre, because it’s fun to easily imagine yourself in the character’s place. I relish adding just a bit of crazy to a seemingly uneventful life.

3. Growth.

Once a teacher, always a teacher. There is just something about growth in a character. Though my books are fiction, the growth of the characters have an organic feeling. Growth does fall in all genres. However, it thrills my heart to hear this 6-10 age group discuss it. Often, these thoughts may have not occurred to them before. I find their growth, right along with Teeny Sweeney, to be truly fascinating.

4. Love.

The plots may change. The characters may change. But love always underlies my stories. Whether it is the love in a friendship, or between parent and child, I like this four-letter word evident in my chapter books. And it works really well with this age group. They are so into friendships, and it’s quite beneficial to better understand the ins and outs of relationships. I like to bring love into light, because of all the concepts in the world, love should be at the forefront.


Third-grader Teeny Sweeney has been one-upped by seemingly perfect Amanda Mayweather too many times. When their teacher assigns a project to create a business plan, Teeny knows she’s destined for success. After all, with two entrepreneurs as parents, business sense is in her blood! The best laid plans, though, often go awry. Teeny will have to learn that God’s plan is one she can always trust, and that with prayer it is possible to love everyone—even Amanda Mayweather. With Teeny, young readers will learn that even when things don’t seem to work out, you can always trust God’s plan.


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