Why Kindle Scout — Terri Luckey

Today I’m excited to welcome Terri Luckey as she shares about a different publishing opportunity.

Terri Luckey is the author of the Kayndo series, the children’s picture book, Silly Dogs and the soon to be released YA novel, Fearless. She worked previously in the media industry as a reporter, news editor, script writer and promotional writer. You can visit Terri online at http://www.terriluckey.com or follow her on Twitter @TerriLuckey


website: http://www.terriluckey.com/

Twitter @TerriLuckey

Facebook author page: https://www.facebook.com/authorterriluckey/

Kindle Scout Support Group for Christian Authors and Readers: https://www.facebook.com/groups/400879727043964/

Kindle Scout offers writers a different publishing opportunity

What is Kindle Scout? In 2014, Amazon ventured into publishing e-books through Kindle Press and began the Kindle Scout site to help them decide which authors they’d award a publishing contract. Authors can upload their e-books to the Scout site where they have thirty days to convince readers to vote for their books. Readers nominate the books they like, and if those books get selected for publishing, readers who nominated them receive a free kindle book. If an author’s book gains enough nominations and is chosen for a Kindle Press contract, it includes a $1,500 advance, 50% eBook royalty rate, and featured Amazon marketing.

How is the selection process different than other publishers? Most publishing houses have an editor who makes the decision, the public doesn’t get to weigh in. As an author who has received several rejection letters, I know it’s not always easy to get publishers to accept a book. Even J.K. Rowling received a ton of rejection letters for her first Harry Potter book since it didn’t fit the mold.

Editors choose books they think will sell. Much of the time, the mold is whatever is popular at the moment. After “Twilight,” topped the best seller lists, vampire books were in demand. After Hunger Games became a success, dystopian books were wanted, etc., etc. Unfortunately, readers gets a whole bunch of similar type books. With Kindle Scout, the reader gets to help choose so they may pick books that don’t fit the pattern, which could mean a better variety of books being published.

What advantages are there to publishing an e-book through Kindle Press rather than self-publishing? Amazon provides editing. Plus, a Kindle Press contract features marketing. A big incentive since marketing is expensive and time consuming. As the largest on-line seller of books, Amazon has a ton of marketing power, much more than the average Indie author.

Kindle Scout doesn’t eliminate the need to market completely. During the Scout campaign, it’s necessary for authors to do lots of marketing and promotions to get people to nominate a book. That’s not easy unless you have a huge friend list which I don’t. I’ve heard that the amount of nominations isn’t the final say, but it does have an impact on who receives contracts.

Another thing authors should consider about Kindle Scout. They don’t publish print books. That would still be an author’s responsibility.

After considering everything, I did decide to submit my newest novel, Fearless, to Kindle Scout in the hope of gaining one of their publishing contracts. My campaign is now active and I could REALLY use your help. Please follow the link and check out my new book. If you think you or someone you know might like it, nominate it. It’s free, it only takes a few seconds and all it requires is an Amazon account. Don’t forget, if Kindle Press selects Fearless for publishing, everyone who nominated it will receive a free kindle book.


About the Book:

Cover by http://art4artists.com.au/

Those who fight alone, lose.

To stop the terrorists who are recruiting kids, Derrick must band together with the delinquents from Fallentier group home, but should he risk their lives?






Warm air from our captor’s breath penetrated the cloth of the black hood over my face and moistened my ear.

“Derrick, I already know you’re both spies,” he snarled. “Admit it and save yourselves some pain.”

I tried to control my fear as I struggled against the rough ropes that bound my hands behind my back and to the chair. Beads of sweat dripped into my eyes.

“We’re not sp-ies,” I declared, but my voice betrayed me with a quiver. I had to get the ropes undone before…

Thump. Thump. Was the chair next to me scraping against the floor? Kurt must be trying to escape too.

A cramp shot through my shoulders as I pulled against my bonds, but they wouldn’t budge.

My gut clenched. To control the panic, I focused on breathing. Inhale, exhale. Hold it for the count. 1, 2…

Zap! Pain seared me, and every nerve jumped. Even tied, I flopped around in the chair while the electricity jolted my body. I tasted blood as I bit my lip. The pain consumed me.

I screamed and sobbed. I’d beg him to stop if I could only form the words.

Kurt swore at him and called him obscene names. The excruciating pain suddenly cut off, leaving me breathless.

A crackle sounded on my right. The stun gun. Kurt’s chair jumped against the floor as he flailed, but only a gasp came from him. Not one scream. Kurt stayed strong.

Shame filled me. My own weakness disgusted me. How long would it take before I’d reveal anything to stop the torture?

Would I fail the R2I, Resistance to Interrogation Training?



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