Overcoming Doubt — Chizoba Morah

Today I’m thrilled to welcome Chizoba Morah as she talks about overcoming doubt.

The wonderful thing about the bible, is that it is not a far fetched document. The stories and narrations we read show us that all the mighty men and women used by God were humans like us They sinned, lost their temper every now and then, and most of them also had periods when they doubted or their faith were shaken. They always got back to a place where they fully trusted in God, but every now and then, they fell short of grace. There are so many examples, but I have been studying the Father of Faith, Abraham, recently, so I will use that example.

He and his wife, are the classic example of when our five senses are engaged, when listening to God’s promise. In Genesis 17:7, Abraham laughed when God told him of his plans to give him a child and in Genesis 18:12, Sarah had the same reaction when the angels of God brought the same message. I use this example to show that doubt is a human response, to what is sometimes the unbelievable acts of God. Even the man who picked up his life, from his father’s house, to a destination he did not know before hand, because God instructed him to do so, had a period when he was unsure that a promise would come to pass.

Move on from Doubt

Doubting means that we are denying or unsure of what God can do, whether something will be done or will come to pass. With that being said, we must remember that we are not called to remain in a place of doubt. It is a tool the enemy uses to make us wander around, get stressed and ultimately divorce ourselves from God. We believe in a God who has defied what the natural senses can experience, starting with creation, and we should believe, that in our personal lives, he can do the same. It is natural, sometimes, to wonder, but it cannot be a state of emotion where we permanently pitch our tents. How do we move on from doubt?

Remind him of his Promises

We must learn from people like Jeremiah and King David, who regardless of the issues they faced, continued to pray to God and kept reminding themselves of what he has done and what he has said he will do. Talking to God and having a conversation with him, always helps.

Pray aloud. Remember, our mind is where our doubt is based. Our worries and anxiety often overcome our faith and that is how we get to doubt; our fears are louder than our faith. To overcome that, get into a quiet space or your car and just talk aloud to God. I know we can pray in our hearts and minds, and whisper, but sometimes, we need to speak out to God. you can go to church early, kneel in front of the altar and talk to God or close yourself in a room in your house and cry and talk, without hindrance He is your father – he always listens.

Do not forget to listen

Pour out your anxiety, fears, and doubts to God, remembering that a conversation is a two way street. If you talk to God, you also need to listen to him too. He will always respond, not always the way we want but he will speak to us – either directly to us, through other people or through the bible. Pay attention.

Count your Blessings

I grew up listening to a hymn that said:

Count your many blessings, name them one by one

Count your many blessings, see what God has done

Count your blessings, name them one by one

And it will surprise you what the Lord has done.

In the midst of certain problems, we find ourselves in a space where that is all we see and counting our blessings is difficult. However, this is what separates us from the world. Surely, God has done something in your life that no human can possibly do. The God who rules and reigns in absolute majesty has surely touched your life in some way, and it is important to always remember that and remember that his words will ALWAYS be fulfilled.

When you pray, pray with the bible and say aloud what his promises are. He is a faithful and merciful God, and will always answer his children.

About Chizoba:

Chizoba is a blogger, author and speaker, and most importantly a daughter of the Most High God, who enjoys writing and talking to people about God and his wonders. You can find her work at www.chizobamorah.com or follow her on her Facebook page at www.facebook.com/wordsthatinspire17


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