Margaret Mizushima — Author Spotlight

Today I’m excited to welcome author Margaret Mizushima as she shares about her latest release, Hunting Hour.

About Margaret:

Margaret Mizushima is the author of the Timber Creek K-9 mystery series, which includes Killing Trail (2015), nominated for an RT Reviewer’s Choice Award for best first mystery; Stalking Ground (2016), finalist for a 2017 Colorado Book Award and International Book Award; and Hunting Hour (2017). She lives in Colorado where she assists her husband with their veterinary practice and Angus cattle herd. She can be found on Facebook at, on Twitter @margmizu, and on her website at


Author Interview Questions:

  • Do you have a dedicated place to write?

After both our grown daughters moved away from home, I combined some of their favorite pieces of furniture into a spare bedroom and turned the other room into an office. I admit that it’s a mess, but there’s an element of organization within the chaos.

I spend some time each week doing bookkeeping and accounts payable for our veterinary clinic and Angus cattle business. I also do a certain amount of paperwork associated with herd animal registration and record keeping, so I have an organizer with cubbies to keep the bills and mail sorted and to keep my writing business records straight. That’s the left side of my brain at work!

Then there’s the workspace reserved for the right side of my brain, the place where I spend my time creating a new manuscript or revising its various drafts. It’s here where I have my MacBook, candles that I light before a writing session, and inspirational photos, pictures, and quotations posted above my desk. I also have a Varidesk, which rises to various heights allowing me to stand as I type, and an ergonomic chair to help me survive the hours of sitting required to turn out a new book.

Between books, I try to shovel through the mess, reorganize, and relieve clutter. But during the months that I’m writing a first draft…it’s every man for himself in that room!


  • Where is your favorite vacation spot?

I have two actually. One is Kauai—we’re lucky to have friends on the island, and we’ve had many opportunities to go visit. Every few years, we would accrue enough credit card mileage points to get free airfare, letting us use our vacation savings on things like beach lodging and a rental car. My favorite things to do on the island—besides spending time at the beach—are hiking the Napoli coast and touring botanical gardens. I also love visiting the shops, feeling and smelling that magical island breeze as it wafts through the open malls, watching the hula dancers, and listening to the music. Whenever I do meditations to relieve stress, this is the place I imagine.

I also love to visit Alaska. My husband likes to fish for salmon and halibut, and even though I don’t care for the fishing so much, I do love to be out on the ocean with whales playing and feeding mere yards away from our boat, going after the same fish that we want. I also love to hike there, but it’s much more likely that you’ll encounter bears in Alaska, so it’s more dangerous than hiking in Colorado. While there, I’ve always gone with a group, whereas in Colorado I often go it alone.


  • What can your readers expect from you next?

HUNTING HOUR, book three in the Timber Creek K-9 series, releases on August 8, 2017. At its beginning, Deputy Mattie Cobb is in a dark place, and she has withdrawn from veterinarian Cole Walker and his family to work on issues from her past. But finding a dead teen behind the high school changes everything. Mattie and her K-9 partner Robo are deep into the investigation when another child goes missing—and this time it’s one of Cole’s daughters. Fears soar as the entire community gets involved, searching for the missing girl before it’s too late. Readers can find this book at their favorite bookstore (if it’s not on the shelf, see if they’ll order it) or online bookseller. Local libraries might also have the book or consider ordering it.

In the meantime, I’m hard at work on book four, BURNING RIDGE. It will release in fall, 2018. I invite readers to sample the adventures of Mattie, Robo, and Cole in the fictional, small town of Timber Creek, Colorado.

Thank you, Donna, for hosting me on your blog today. I’ve enjoyed visiting with you!


About Hunting Hour

Deputy Mattie Cobb is in a dark place and has withdrawn from Cole Walker and his family to work on issues from her past. When she and her K-9 partner Robo get called to track a missing junior high student, they find the girl dead on Smoker’s Hill behind the high school, and Mattie must head to the Walker home to break the bad news. But that’s only the start of trouble in Timber Creek, because soon another girl goes missing―and this time it’s one of Cole’s daughters.

Knowing that each hour a child remains missing lessens the probability of finding her alive, Mattie and Robo lead the hunt while Cole and community volunteers join in to search everywhere. To no avail. It seems that someone has snatched all trace of the Walker girl from their midst, including her scent. Grasping at straws, Mattie and Robo follow a phoned-in tip into the dense forest, where they hope to find a trace of the girl’s scent and to rescue her alive. But when Robo does catch her scent, it leads them to information that challenges everything they thought they knew about the case.

Mattie and Robo must rush to hunt down the kidnapper before they’re too late in Hunting Hour, the third installment in critically acclaimed author Margaret Mizushima’s exhilarating mystery series.


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