Jean Ann Williams: Behind the Scenes of Road Trip of Delusion

Today I’m thrilled to welcome back author Jean Ann Williams as she shares her latest release, Road Trip of Delusion, and answers some tough questions. Jean Ann is also giving away a free print copy of her book to one random winner, so read through and find out how to enter that drawing.

Behind the Scenes of Road Trip of Delusion:

My husband’s dad passed away eight years ago. We needed to drive the 500 miles to attend his service. It was winter and snow on the mountain passes delayed our going by one day. Losing Dad was very hard, because I was close to him for the forty years that I knew him.

After the memorial service, I was visiting with my husband’s mother before we were to head back home to Oregon. Mom and I and two of my granddaughters were the only ones in the living room where we chatted. I tried one more time to convince Mom to come home with us. She and Dad had been married over 60 years when Dad passed, so I couldn’t imagine her living alone. When Mom said she wanted to stay in her home to be closer to her James, I had one more idea.

I said, “Mom, if you change your mind anytime, just call us and we’ll come back down to pick you up.”

Mom got “the look” and she narrowed her eyes and said, “I just might get in the car and drive myself to Oregon.”

I was so shocked by her response I was speechless, which is pretty hard for me to ever be. I stared at Mom, glanced at my granddaughters who seemed to wait for me to say something. Waving a hand at my granddaughters, I said, “Well, you better bring my granddaughters with you.”

The whole scene felt dreamlike and a light clicked on in the creative side of my brain. My husband and I left minutes later, and as he drove, I got out my laptop and began what is now titled Road Trip of Delusion. I originally titled it Road Trip of Disaster, but wasn’t perfectly happy with it.

As I fleshed out the story, I missed my father-in-law. I wanted him in the story and so I added the love story Great-granny tells her granddaughters about how she and James met. After I added this in, I realized adding the innocence of a first love made this story appealing for ages 12&up. My books are always G rated and inspirational and so even mature readers who want a clean read will enjoy Road Trip of Delusion.


Tough questions:

What do I enjoy doing for relaxation? For my brain, I enjoy playing Scrabble with my granddaughters and reading. For the physical workouts, I enjoy practicing archery, hunting big game, walking in the woods on logger roads or deer paths, swimming in the river, gardening vegetables, and milking Anise the goat.

What readers can expect next: I’m working on a new adult, Season of the Fawns, which is due summer 2018. Here’s a short synopsis: Will Vale be able to help her cousin Caleb as he struggles with deliberating migraines after a hiking fall. Caleb is discouraged he’ll never be healthy again, and Vale makes it her business to stand by him as though he were her brother.

What readers who enjoy my book can do to make it successful is to talk about Road Trip of Delusion to their family and friends. Giving a short review on Amazon and Good Reads is another way to spread the word.

Toughest question of all: If you could be any character in your favorite book, who would it be and what is the title of the book? Using God’s Word counts. J

I’m giving a free paperback of Road Trip of Delusion to a random winner who leaves a comment.

First Page of Road Trip of Delusion:

If I Speak


My heart sank to my navel as I grip-hugged my cookbook.

Granny slammed on the gas pedal of her Cadillac Fleetwood, and the car chugged onto Highway 101. Her eagle eyes never wandered from the beams of the headlights.

I shook my head for I had a huge regret. I wasn’t able to talk Granny out of taking this trip.

In the backseat, my middle sister, thirteen-year-old Leah Be-de-ah, jumped on the freeway of reason. “And, Granny, don’t you think we should tell someone?”

Granny’s head barely crested the top of the seat. “Your Grand, James, is gone, so it’s just me, now.” She lifted her chin.

Little sister Mia Babe sat next to Leah. “Kari?”

Twisting in my seat, I faced my sisters. “What?”

“Mom says Grand’s in paradise, but where’s that?”

Ah, Mia, the old soul at the age of seven. “Well, from what Mom taught me, it’s a spiritual place people go to when they die.”

“Oh.” Mia rubbed her eye.

A scary notion surfaced, and I slapped my forehead. “Granny, do you even know how to get to Oregon?”

About Jean Ann:

Having written over three hundred articles for children and adults, Road Trip of Delusion is Jean Ann Williams’ second book for ages twelve to ninety-nine. She’s a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. She writes regularly at Putting on the New blog, Book Fun magazine, and her own Real Stories for Real Girls website. Jean Ann and her husband live on an acre in Southern Oregon where they raise a garden, goats, and chickens.

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