Dream On! — Delia Latham

So happy to welcome author Delia Latham back with us again as she shares insights into dreams and pursuing our dreams.

Let’s talk about dreams.

Let’s talk about prophetic dreams.

They occurred frequently in the Bible. God used dreams to speak to an array of individuals, from prophets to kings to the average ‘blue-collar’ worker. Consider Joseph, a carpenter whose dreams led him to take an unwed mother as his wife. Later, a dream allowed them to escape from the evil Herod, who wanted to kill baby Jesus. Later still, Joseph was made aware—yes, in a dream—that Herod was dead and it was safe to return home.

It is my firm belief that this Book—The Holy Bible—can be trusted above all others.

So I’ll say it again: Let’s talk about prophetic dreams. Dreams that—

  • foretell a future event;
  • seem to provide warning or guidance for something yet to come;
  • come true.

Scientists dismiss the idea of prophetic dreams (along with Divine Creation, Jesus healing the sick and raising the dead, etc.). They suggest that the dreamer self-edits her dream after the events happen. Dream recall is, in fact, often inaccurate, which makes for a strong argument. Science suggests it changes along with unfolding events. By the time a crucial occurrence takes place, the dreamer believes he dreamed the exact incident.

Also, we know that our subconscious works all the time—awake and asleep. Therefore, the sleeping mind is able to piece together current events and their possible outcome more quickly than the conscious mind. So (says science) a dream that, in retrospect, might seem prophetic, most likely is a result of the dreaming mind having pieced together information you already had and producing a plausible outcome.

All excellent arguments…but I still believe in prophetic dreams.

No, they don’t happen as often as they did in Bible times, probably because we now have the Bible itself, which (based on 2 Timothy 3:17) fully equips us, revealing all we need to know as Christians. But God still speaks into the minds of men and women today, when doing so fits His purpose. If that means making them aware of future events through a dream, well…He is God. He can and will do as He pleases, with or without our belief or approval.

Just such a dream happens on a recurring basis at the beginning of Summer Dreams, Book 2 in my Paradise Pines Series. God uses that dream not only to save the life of the heroine, but to bring her together with the hero.

I loved writing the dream, the rescue scene—oh, I admit it, I enjoyed the “making of” this entire story. As readers, I hope you’ll be willing to suspend your disbelief (if you happen to not believe in prophetic dreams) long enough to enjoy reading it, because I truly believe you may find more than one blessing tucked into the pages of this seaside romance.

Yes, I said ‘blessing.’ And unlike dreams—which can be good, bad, or totally awful—blessings are always wonderful. Undeserved, unmerited, freely given gifts with no price tag and no payback date.

Let’s talk about blessings…


Author/Book Spotlight:

  • A talent or skill your main character has that readers would find interesting


Logan is an artist who’s becoming quite well known. Summer is a novelist. Humdrum stuff, yes?

But Summer is also a talented praise dancer. I love watching sincere praise dancers worship. (Sincerity, in my opinion, is much of what makes a ‘good’ praise dancer ‘good.’ It’s what puts the ‘praise’ in a ‘praise dance.’) I wish I’d known about this poetic form of praise when I was younger. I would have been the most awkward dancer ever, but you can be sure I would’ve given it a try, because I find it so moving and just stunningly beautiful. There’s something special about watching someone use their entire body to praise the One who created it.


I thoroughly enjoyed making this a part of my heroine’s praise arsenal.


  • Character Backstory

Back to Summer. She didn’t have a wonderful childhood. Her father was cruelly abusive. But Summer’s mother had a weapon no man could defeat. She knew God, and she knew His Word. She used her relationship with the Lord, and her knowledge of the Bible, to keep Summer from becoming scarred and damaged by her father’s cruelty. Summer shares a special gift her mother gave her with others during the story. She does it in a genuinely special way, which I think is best left unsaid until it’s experienced in the book. I will say this: I pray every day that Summer’s ‘gift’ to readers finds its way to those God intended it for when He dictated the words into my heart. If you’re one of them, please let me know…it will bless me immensely to know that you were blessed.

  • What is the accomplishment that you are most proud of?

Having raised four children to be kind, considerate, productive adults. Not rich. Not famous. Not trying to be. But they are the sunshine in my life, and I’m proud of each of them for the special person they are.

Summer Dreams 72_med

About Summer Dreams:

Summer Callahan isn’t in Cambria for the beach or the ocean or the pine-scented air around Paradise Pines Lodge. She’s there as a companion to her flighty cousin, Deah—with the understanding that they will have separate agendas the entire time. Summer just wants to be left alone to dream up the romance novels she writes under a pseudonym.

But never in Summer’s wildest writer’s imagination does she dream of being caught in an undertow and almost drowning, only to be rescued by a wealthy artist. And when Logan Bullard proves hard to shake, Summer fears for her heart—especially when Deah sets her sights on Logan.

But at Paradise Pines Lodge, what’s meant to be has a way of happening…at the best time and in the best way. Miss Angelina Love—who may or may not own the place—has an “in” with Heaven’s own “department of romance.” And she’s determined to see Summer and Logan together.

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First page:

“Well, I’m going with or without you, Summer Callihan!”

“That’s fine. Go without me. I’ve already said I don’t want to come along.” Summer sighed.

Her younger cousin, Deah, seemed unable to exist without a great deal of drama. She’d made the threat as if it would convince Summer to dash off on yet another shopping spree, despite their agreement before setting out on this vacation to Cambria, California.

Knowing the trip would be for the entire season—no one stayed at Paradise Pines Lodge under any other terms—Summer had laid out clearly defined stipulations before agreeing to come with Deah to the coast. She wanted to work. Her cousin wanted to play. They would each be free to do “their own thing,” without pressure from the other.

Uncle Barry and Aunt Grace had agreed without hesitation. They simply wanted their daughter to have someone a bit more levelheaded with her, especially on such a lengthy vacation. In return, they’d pay Summer a handsome wage in lieu of the temporary jobs she normally worked on a nearly full-time basis.

Summer wanted to remind them that Deah was no longer a child. At twenty-one, her cousin was only a few years younger than she. Chronologically, at least. Mentally and emotionally, Deah might never be an adult.

Read the entire 1st chapter

Outside 2 cropped (72)

About the Author:

Writing Heaven’s touch into earthly tales, Delia Latham puts her characters through the fire of earthly trials to bring them out victorious by the hand of God, His heavenly messengers, and good, old-fashioned love. You’ll always find a touch of the divine in her tales of sweet romance.


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3 thoughts on “Dream On! — Delia Latham

  1. Sweet Delia, Summer Dreams is indeed full of blessings! Thank you for your obedient heart to the one who guides your pen and thank you for the story of love and grace. Those who read this story will be so glad they picked it up! I know i sure am.

    Yes, Summer and you blessed me in many ways!

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