The Wonder of S’LIFE, Slices of Life for Teens — Gilda Evans

Today I’m excited to welcome author Gilda Evans as she shares about a topic close to her heart — teens who hurt themselves. This is a fascinating look behind the scenes of a lifestyle steeped in pain and shame.

Depending on which study you read, out of a group of 100,000 teens about one in 5 at some point thinks about hurting themselves. One in 12 actually follows through, with girls being at greater risk for attempting harm, and boys being more successful when they make the attempt since they do it more violently. Sadly, most of these kids will unsuccessfully reach out for help in some way before making any such attempt. These startling statistics compel one to wonder, where is the help and guidance that so many teens are searching for?

Not long ago I turned my attention to the various books available that offer guidance to young people. Interestingly, while I found many for those under the age of 12 or over the age of 18, I discovered a dearth of material for the 13-17 year olds.  Of the books I explored that did fall into that category, many were so dry and pedantic even I had a difficult time getting through them.  Others were rather cloying and mundane, and talked in circles around the topic without ever getting to the heart of the matter.


And so, S’LIFE, Slices of Life for Teens, was born.  A book that deals with a wide variety of issues most teens are likely to face at some point, written in a concise, easy-to-read manner with chapters structured for the “sound bite” generation; short with a smattering of humor and between the eyes common sense that makes the material eminently relatable. My own daughter, a teen at the time, co-authored and helped me edit to insure the verbiage was up to date with current references for today’s youth. S’LIFE, Slices of Life for Teens was created to facilitate and improve communication among teens, and between teens and their parents and educators.


I had the good fortune to have a group of high school students read the manuscript and I received invaluable feedback from them, which was incorporated into the final version.  With topics ranging from hard-hitting issues like sex and drugs to the softer side of personal hygiene and friendships, we discussed them all. There’s nothing like suggestions that come directly from the intended audience! The feedback I received served to further underscore the strong need for a book like S’LIFE for Teens.


With the book now awaiting publication my goal is to create avenues into middle and high schools as well as youth organizations across the country.  When it is available, which will hopefully be sometime in 2018, it is my aim that the book find its way into the classrooms and libraries of this nation and beyond. I also plan to conduct seminars, webinars and video-conference sessions in these venues as an adjunct to the powerful messages the book itself conveys.  Each chapter presents questions and scenarios that facilitate lively and meaningful discussion among the students as well as between them and their teachers and families. I have future plans for a second installment in the S’LIFE series for the 18 and over crowd.


It’s time to give our young people a slice of the kind of life they need and deserve. And it is my hope that S’LIFE, Slices of Life for Teens will be an empowering tool for them and those who work with and care about them.


I’m very pleased to announce that my new, minute and a half video about S’LIFE, Slices of Life for Teens is ready! It highlights comments from teens that have read the manuscript and offers a good sense of what the book is about. You can watch it here:

I value your feedback and would appreciate any comments you’d like to send to me at .


How did you get started writing?

I have written in some form or fashion for as long as I can remember. I won my first poetry contest at the age of 9 and have been writing ever since.

 What do you enjoy most about writing?

It is always fun and sometimes surprising to discover the direction a certain story or project takes while you are working on it. Often, it ends up somewhere quite different than where you initially intended for it to go.

What can your readers expect from you next?

I am working on the second installment in the S’LIFE series, as well as other projects that include a Young Adult novel and a screenplay based on a fellow author’s material.


About Gilda:

Winning her first poetry contest at the tender age of 9 and her first essay contest at 10, writing and speaking have always been natural forms of expression for Gilda Evans. Her interest in children’s relationships, particularly those between teens and their parents, began years ago when she associate produced a television documentary titled, What Are We Doing to Our Children?  Gilda’s book, S’LIFE, Slices of Life for Teens, was created to facilitate and improve communication among teens, and between teens and their parents and educators. Her no-nonsense style appeals to teens because it is developed with teens’ involvement, instead of authoritatively isolating and alienating them.  The S’LIFE manuscript, currently in pre-publication, is an integral part of a program Gilda is conducting in participating schools.  It is the first installment of the S’LIFE book series.


To subscribe to Gilda’s Blog and Author Updates visit her website at

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