Important Life Lessons — Kadee Carder

Today I’m thrilled to welcome back author Kadee Carder as she encourages us about life lessons. Read all the way through, because Kadee is offering a free ebook of her latest release, Incomplete. And as an added bonus, Kadee is including the first page of her book here.

One very important lesson I learned in my graduate classes was to ask questions. As you go about your day, remember that sometimes what you say isn’t as important as what you ask. As Socrates wrote, “I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.”

Is fiction vital to our lives? Why do we communicate through story?

As a Christ-follower I’ve seen a fair share of sunny days, starlit nights, and cloudy winters. We will not always find the answers to, “Why,” something happened. Sometimes our experiences simply show us that God is with us when we call out to him. A verse that I have posted on my desk is Ephesians 2:10: “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”  Your story conveys a life of utmost importance. The creator of the universe put you together, knowing your personality, flaws, and strengths, and prepared work designed specifically for you. When he first set the stars to roam in the cosmos, he knew you would be sitting at your computer, searching for fulfillment, working late nights, and seeking answers to life’s questions. This is one reason we learn how to narrate our stories, and learn how to communicate God’s handiwork. Jesus communicated through story, through illustrations and moments with his friends.

What moments in your life have been important? Why? If in fact God has a good work for you to do, then are there any moments lacking significance?

You have no task too small or big that God cannot experience it with you. Time to go shiver through that wild adventure, friend.

First page of Incomplete:

Chapter One
Ducking down behind the mass of fallen trees, I gasped for air. I crouched, listening for the familiar pop and click, but the sounds had drifted away. I congratulated myself with a brief, hushed, “Hoo-rah!” and rested my back against the crumbly bark of the large, mossy log. Each man scattered to his post, the headset silent. Fresh air inundated my lungs as my chest rose and fell. Drips of sweat rolled down my temples, joining up under my chin. I wiped away the river with my sleeve and rolled onto my side to peek over the log through the brush.

A body spun over the barricade, coming to a stop to my left, stirring up the dust and fallen branches.

Tucker popped up to a sitting position beside me and turned his head to face me with a quick intake of air, looking over his shoulder. “That was amazing.”

Still trying to catch my breath, I bobbed my head up and down, the thick helmet rocking along with the movement. I realized just how cattywampus it had grown during the attack and unhooked the strap under my chin. Cool dew ruffled through my hair, as relieving as a pack of ice. The helmet came to a rest in my lap, and I pulled the headset out of my ear for a moment.

“I’m kind of surprised it worked, but I sure am glad it did,” I said. “Never slaughtered so many computers in one fell swoop before.”

A gleaming grin slid across Tucker’s face, his eyes twinkling. “Felt good, didn’t it?” Those dimples spread in his cheeks, and my heart whirled a little jig in my chest. The chaos of the past few minutes dimmed in comparison to the way my heart began to rattle and tumble about against my ribs.

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Deep in the heart of Central Texas, Kadee Carder resides with her husband and daughters. Carder earned a BA in Public Relations at Howard Payne University and an MFA in Creative Writing from National University. She teaches English courses on the university level and plans her schedule around coffee availability.

Writing and language have been her life-long pleasure, wordsmithery offering the ability to twist emotion in to sense and cosmos. When she’s not dancing around the living room with her daughters, she helps at church activities, creates encouraging blogs, and orders pizza like a boss.


Insurrection (Book One)

She started out on one adventure and ended up on another.

In order to rescue her sisters, impress the hunky Australian, and protect innocent lives on a global scale, sixteen-year old Saylor MacTavish must master techniques of fighting an army created to destroy with a single, scorching touch – or die trying.

They wanted a warrior. They got one.

Incomplete cover

Incomplete (Book Two)

Power within her. War without.

Between the lines of flirtation and justice, Saylor must seize the missing pieces of her fate. While harnessing her ability to communicate with deadly weapons of mass destruction, attending the annual gala, and fighting her growing feelings for the hunky Australian soldier, Saylor’s instincts become increasingly distressed. Tempted by greed and independence, she must determine what she stands for and on whose side she belongs.


Both books available on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, iTunes iBooks, and more! Only $4.99 each.

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