Tapestry – by Jaydine Rendall

Today I am excited to welcome author Jaydine Rendall as she shares some insights into her latest release, High Plains Heroes — Josiah, a young readers book that I thought you might enjoy learning more about.


Getting older has its advantages. Besides being able to cuddle grandchildren, I now have the ability to look back over my life and see how God has taken dozens of small threads and created my life as it is today. Through writing, I’m able to incorporate those threads into my own tapestry.

I grew up in the Los Angeles area. I hated the concrete, asphalt, and smog. At times, I think the only good that came from that environment was meeting my husband. He is my anchor to this world. Like long-ago pioneers, our dreams led us to the golden prairies of northern Colorado. Moving to Colorado was literally a breath of fresh air. Every day I give thanks for the beauty of this land.

My blond, blue-eyed sons grew up in Colorado. I imagined what it would have been like for them to arrive as homesteaders. Would the Rocky Mountains have held promises of adventure while they were rooted to the farm on the high plains?

The mountains always seem to be calling me. I’m blessed with a second home in the Estes Park area. This is where my creative side is unleashed and my best writing occurs. The fresh mountain air, the smell of the spruce trees, the rushing waters of the Big Thompson River, and visits from the local wildlife conjure the most explicit sensory details imaginable.

And my faith. It’s an ever-present part of my life. Yet, in this day and age, it’s not always socially correct to proclaim my love of God.

All of these threads, and many more, have come together in my historical fiction writing. Loving God and leaning on faith to survive each challenging day was the norm for American pioneers. My first protagonist, Josiah, is a blond, blue-eyed boy aching for adventure. Life is a bit lonely on the high plains of Colorado in 1862. With only his parents and older sister for company, Josiah could use a friend his own age. However, sometimes it takes a while to distinguish friend from foe.

Josiah’s story is the first in a series of historically accurate young reader books. As is often the case, firstborns arrive a tad later than expected! His story should be available in all formats within the next month. The next book in the High Plains Heroes series, Laughing Wolf, will be available late summer or early fall. Information on the release dates can be found on my website: www.jaydinerendall.com.


About Jaydine:

In 2016, the High Plains Library District was looking for its first Writer in Residence. The chosen author was tasked with writing a story that included Weld County, Colorado. Jaydine Rendall assured the committee that she could craft an engaging story without vampires or zombies which was set in historical Weld County. She was given the job, and the High Plains Heroes series has become reality.