Jean Ann Williams –Grief and Writing

Today we welcome author Jean Ann Williams as she shares insight into dealing with grief in our writing and in our lives. Read all the way through to find out how to win a free e-copy of her book, God’s Mercies after Suicide: Blessings Woven through a Mother’s Heart.

I guess you could say I’m a certain type of grief expert. No, I did not earn a certificate for grief studies, nor do I facilitate a grief group. My grief experience comes from losing family members beginning when I was ten years old.

I lost my mother to depression, mental illness, and eventually to suicide. I’ve lost three siblings, one sister and two brothers. But, the most hurtful loss, the most difficult happened on March 16, 2004. My son, Joshua, shot himself in his bedroom. My husband and I shouted and pounded on the ocked door as the pistol fired.


Over the next four years after losing Joshua, I lived with the emotions of sorrow, denial, anger, and despair to the point of death. In my quest to understand this loss, there was one word I longed to live by: Truth. I found these words “Love Truth”, in a crumpled note among Joshua’s personal belongings. In my search for why he wrote the note and wadded it into a ball was in the pages of his Bible within the Scriptures.

Thirteen years later, Truth is still my goal to live by. I won’t pull punches. I’m not in denial. Yes, my nerves are no longer as they once were, especially after holding Joshua in my arms as he died.

God helps me through the years of missing Joshua. If He can help me, He can help anyone, with any loss.

Wanting to give God the glory for never leaving me, my mind worked on how to tell my story, Joshua’s story. I had questions. How honest should I be? I understood this book would fall under the category of memoir, but I needed to include the Scriptures which helped me put one shoe in front of the other each day.

I dug through my personal library, and paid special attention as to how other grief books handled the format. Some had Scriptures. Some had Scriptures and prayers. Other books only prayers and still a few were strictly memoirs.

Talking to people I trusted, accepted a friend’s suggestion of a memoir book of devotions. Someone else, who’d lost a child, said, “Will this book have journal pages for the reader?”

With a solid idea for the layout, I began to write, God’s Mercies after Suicide: Blessings Woven through a Mother’s Heart.

In 2011, I wrote a fleshed out first draft in a couple of months and cried only once. The major edits the months before publication, reduced me to tears, reliving Joshua’s life, and especially his death, and beyond.

My goal in writing God’s Mercies after Suicide was to give the reader hope, to see by my life, how our God is capable to hold us up and turn our lives around for His Glory.


Author/book Spotlight:

For relaxation I enjoy target practicing with my Hoyt compound bow, climbing mountains and walking through the forest, and playing games like Scrabble with my grandchildren.

What I enjoy the most about writing is creating complicated characters who make us laugh, cry, and with whom the readers can identify.

Readers can expect for my next book a YA which is due to release April 2017. Log line: A teenager takes a road trip with her two younger sisters and their strong-willed great-granny, and circumstances force her to drive her granny’s Cadillac through a snowstorm in ROAD TRIP OF DELUSION.

Leave a comment and one lucky winner will be chosen to win a free e-copy to anyone in the world of God’s Mercies after Suicide: Blessings Woven through a Mother’s Heart.


God’s Mercies after Suicide


What if your child shot himself while you were in the next room? What if you held him as his heart beat for the last time? What if Satan whispered in your ear, “Now where is your God?” Find out how Jean Ann Williams reached out with her spirit and mind to the one true Father. Discover how the Lord God answered her, and walked alongside her in the most difficult grieving journey of her life.

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5 thoughts on “Jean Ann Williams –Grief and Writing

  1. Suicide is a delicate topic for any type of book. I have been on both sides of the coin. I lost two to suicide, my childhood best friend only last year. I can not imagine losing my child! Blessings to you for your courage.
    Amanda Hess

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