We Did It Again! — Wade Webster

Today we welcome author Wade Webster as he shares his thoughts on the importance and the impact of prayer.

If you’re like most people you took down the calendars that you used to measure the days, weeks, and months of 2016. Then, you hung up the bright new calendars for 2017.

You probably also thought about the past year. I’m sure there were some losses and wins, along with some successes and failures.

So, you resolve to be better at a few things. That look into the full-length mirror after your shower told you some physical adjustments need to occur. Twelve months from now you will look and feel better. That’s what you resolve now.

An examination at your stack of bills compared to your checkbook makes the necessity for financial adjustments obvious as well. You make mental notes on where you can cut back and hope for more overtime at work to help.

That trip to church on Sunday morning, the first of January, was refreshing. “I will read my Bible more and come to church regularly.”

With that echoing in your head you remember that other spiritual discipline you always resolve to improve upon. “I will improve my prayer life as well.”

This time you’re more serious than in the past. So, you think about how to pray better. Maybe there’s a book about how to pray better out there. A search shows several resources about specific prayers in the Bible and how to emulate them to pray better. Why did they never work in the past?

To avoid repeating the same empty results you try to find a different type of prayer resource.

100 Prayers of a Writer catches your eye, a book of prayers that were originally offered to a group online. Two years’ worth of weekly petitions to God compiled as two page readings.

You open the book and read a random prayer. God, the Father, is revered, yet comfortable. That’s refreshing.

You turn toward the middle of the book for another prayer. This one has you coming to God as a little child with God setting you on His lap. Why not approach God that way? Isn’t that the way Jesus told His disciples to come to God?

You buy the book and open it every day for a fresh prayer. After a month God is no longer the distant giant rule giver you always imagined Him being, but the loving heavenly Father Jesus called Abba.

Soon you catch yourself praying to God in the middle of the day for no big reason. You just thought about Him and wanted to chat about the concern on your heart.

Perhaps that compilation of prayers holds the key to making prayer a relevant part of your spiritual journey as well. Think of it as a jump start to a stalled prayer life.

A sample prayer

Galatians 5:22 — Part of the fruit of the Spirit is faithfulness.

Dear Heavenly Father,
As I approach the door to Your throne room of Grace the hinges swing the obstacle out of my way voluntarily. Your smile invites me to come to You. I can’t help but smile. You are so steady.

I’m so grateful You enjoy my company even though my mind can’t understand it. Why are You always there for me? Your faithfulness is such a core of Your being that it amazes me. Let me soak in Your grace and love as often as I can. You are always there.

Thank You for offering a measure of faithfulness to me as Your child. I so long for a better practice of this attribute of You. Help me be more reliable and sure. You are so gracious.

Use me to attract others to You by my humble spirit that is there when people need me. Give me the wisdom to know when to set my agenda aside to aid another soul who is struggling. Give me eyes that see the need in someone’s face. You are so bountiful.

Remind me this world is not my home. Guide me as to how to tell others they can have that hope, too. Keep me steadfast in Your plan for reaching the lost. You are so welcoming.

Grant me the courage to remain strong in my resolutions to be an ambassador of Your kingdom. Give me a life that resembles Jesus more and more each day. That is my deepest heart’s desire. Let others see that growth in me. You are so empowering.

Obstacles will come to divert me from Your calling for my life. Help me remain pure in my motives and sure in my source of strength. I can do nothing without Your power to move me along. You are so strong.

Give me Your words as I live for Your glory and kingdom. Keep me anchored on Your Word for my message. Use me to bring others to You in my life before my words are even spoken. You are so faithful.

It’s in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I stand in Your presence. AMEN


Author Bio

Wade Webster gave his heart to Jesus so young he doesn’t remember NOT being born again. He lives in Plano, Texas and talks to God on a very regular basis.

If you can’t get this book online (Tate Publishing may be going out of business) you can click the buy link on the Facebook page for a signed copy, or copies: https://www.facebook.com/100prayersofawriter/

Wade blogs at http://wadewebster.com

Twitter link: https://twitter.com/WadeWebster1