Dreams of Ice Skating – Teresa Lily



This week I am happy to welcome Teresa Lily as she talks about one of her favorite pastimes.


I live in San Antonio, Texas. The closest I can come to ice skating is going to an indoor rink…. not fun

When I was a child, growing up in Buffalo, New York, my father would take the water hose and flood our back driveway once a year.  The water would freeze and we had our own ice skating rink.

This was one of my most pleasant memories or my young life and I usually try to weave an ice skating party into all my Christmas stories. When I write about ice skating in a story it makes me feel wonderful, and conjures up those great memories, which is important when you are writing.  Using something as simple as a memory can often ignite your writing.

Of course, for Christmas there have to be sugar cookies and cocoa,  Christmas carols and so much more. There could never be enough time to write all the wonderful things Christmas has to offer, but I hope that when I do put out a Christmas book my readers enjoy the effort I went to put in as much Christmas as I could.

Always keep your readers in mind when you are writing. What will they want to see in a story?  One of the most disappointing things for me is to watch a Hallmark Christmas movie that is set in California with no snow. I just cannot get interested, so I try to write my Christmas stories, even if they take place in Texas, to be full of traditions and great Christmas activities.

In my newest release, Cocoa Courtship, you will, of course, find a skating party.






Teresa Ives Lilly lives in San Antonio, Texas and writes Christian Romance Novellas like Cocoa Courtship. 


About Cocoa Courtship:

Tricia has been living in the town of Harbor Inn, Maine for less than a year, ever since she discovered her boyfriend was seeing another woman, but she has given up on dating anyone. That is, until Gathe Denver, moves back to town and says that he wants to court her. Is courting any different than dating? Can she trust this man with her heart? As Tricia and Gathe participate in all twelve Christmas Cocoa traditions and events around town, will she be able to trust Gathe and find true and lasting love?


You can purchase this book at    https://www.amazon.com/Cocoa-Courtship-Christmas-Teresa-Lilly-ebook/dp/B01MCRMT68/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1478535845&sr=8-1&keywords=cocoa+courtship


See Teresa’s other books at Teresa Ives Lilly




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