Today I am excited to introduce author Wade Webster with something completely different — a story for children that is also for adults! And read all the way to the end. Wade is offering a free book to one lucky person who leaves a comment.

God has funny ways of giving writing prompts sometimes, especially to those who have no clue they’re a writer.

My primary source of income has been derived from driving trucks. Much of the time it’s been delivering building materials to houses and businesses. I remember one day as I was moving stuff around on the back of the truck I thought I saw something disappear under a pallet of material.

I was confident it wasn’t a mouse, but my joking side let out a small, “Eek!” The next thought that passed through my mind was, wouldn’t it be fun to have a mouse that was convinced his name is Eek because that’s what people always say when they see him? I wonder when my life will cross paths with a writer so I can pass this thought off to him or her.

Fast-forward several years to the December after God nudged me to write books for Him. I’m sitting in my usual seat at church. The children are walking down the aisle in silly costumes to dress them up as sheep and donkeys as near as I could tell. They sing a couple of songs from their kid’s concert they’ll be performing the next Saturday night.

A phrase from their song jumps out at me, “they put Him where the animals eat their food.”

It was at that moment God’s small, still voice spoke to me. “It’s time for Eek to come out.”

Goosebumps filled my arms as I realized I was that writer God gave the character Eek to.

That week the plot came together for two mice that are brought together in a church parsonage. The first mouse, Eek, tells the second mouse, Aagh, the Christmas story after she finds the nativity on top of the bookcase.

It helps that these two mice have the rare gift of being able to understand what people say. After Eek tells the basic Christmas story Aagh wants to know what’s so special about this baby that people are still remembering his birth like this. They have to wait until the Christmas Eve service to discover Jesus is God in a human body.

The concept of Jesus coming to die for people as a sacrifice is woven in. Then the mice wonder why everybody doesn’t accept God’s gift to them if all they have to do is believe it.

When a friend’s eight year old son read it he said it had too many details in it. That’s when I realized this is a middle-grade book. So anyone from ten years old on up will love getting to know these mice and the God they understand better than most humans.

When an agent told me it needed to be longer I knew I had to write the beginning of Eek’s life to fill in all the backstory they warn writers to avoid. I’ll save that part of Eek’s story for next time.

Author spotlight:

Describe yourself in three words. Truck driving writer, I think that makes more sense than a writing truck driver.

What do you enjoy doing for relaxation? A slow walk in nature usually grounds this country- bumpkin-turned-city-slicker.

How did you get started writing? At the age of 47 I began to piece together some things I was hearing on Christian radio that I’d wished someone had told me when I was a teenager. I wasn’t sure what I could do with it. I was thinking about turning them into a sermon or something. Not like I had a church to preach it at. Then God’s small, still voice said, “It’s not a sermon, it’s a book.” I didn’t have a computer at the time so I grabbed some college ruled notebook paper and a pencil. That story is simmering on the back burner while other books are made real first.

One commenter will receive a copy of Eek’s Gifts mailed to them.


Wade’s Bio: Wade lives in Plano, Texas with his best friend Jesus Christ. So far Jesus has led Wade on some scary and wild rides through his life. Wade is braced for many more. That doesn’t count driving 18-wheelers.


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