Stephanie Guerrero — Author Spotlight

Am happy to welcome Stephanie back today as she tells us a little about herself and her book.

I am honored to join you all and share a little bit about my passion. Jumping right in… there are three unique things about me are: I love hats, dark chocolate (I’m recently into cocoa nibs which are the chocolate equivalent of coffee beans) and writing! I LOVE to create characters that thrive in spite of the darkness life throws their way! Living the Christian life IS challenging, but oh, so rewarding.


My most recent work is part of the Cocoa Christmas series! I was so excited to write Cocoa Christmas Bride! When I was a new bride, I didn’t have anyone to mentor me on how to be a godly wife. My own parent’s marriage, though I love them both dearly, had failed. Many around me were struggling.  I wanted more, SO I turned to Christ and to godly Christian romance for tips, especially those stories which carried over into a bit of married life. After 24 years of amazing married life with my “prince charming”, I love to write about spirited characters who, through Christ, thrive in romance! davidandwifeprinceamongmen

I love positive reviews and people sharing my books and links on social media! That is the biggest thing any reader can do for a favorite author. Be my advocate!  The market is more challenging to break into these days because there is so much out there! Readers who make some noise on behalf of one of my titles or my name are a gift from heaven!

My next projects include: a sequel to my political intrigue/romance novel Shades of the Orient entitled Shades of Redemption, and a fun historical romance series about the Harvey Girls of the Old West. It was a pleasure to chat with you today! Thank you. I look forward to hearing from my readers at:

Stephanie Guerrero is author of Shades of the Orient, and several novellas. She is passionate about sharing Christ’s redemptive power through fiction; and is living proof that serving Christ every day is an adventure and a fairytale! She lives with her “prince” of a husband of twenty-four years, two teenage sons and two pre-teen daughters in the Southwest. You can find her on:



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