And once again, we are excited that H.G. Ferguson is visiting with us again. This time he gives us his list of faves.

Since my author bio touts I am a “connoisseur” of horror “cinematic,” here is a list of some of my favorite horror films, fit for the season.  Listed in no particular order, they are all masterpieces.  They may be found through your local library and/or Youtube,  Dailymotion and Netflix.  No spoilers.

  1. THE HAUNTING (1963)


The first (and only one worth watching) film version of Shirley Jackson’s novel.  Mentioned in Jezebelle.  Do not view this alone or late at night.  You will regret it.  I most certainly did when I was 12.


  1. DARKNESS FALLS (2005) [PG-13]

Also mentioned in Jezebelle.  One of the most original and terrifying monsters I have ever seen.  Absolutely perfect score by Brian Tyler.


  1. CAT PEOPLE (1942)

The one and only original directed by French master Jacques Tourner.  Simone Simon’s compelling performance as the doomed Irena will claw your heart.  And nobody forgets the swimming pool or the sidewalk scene.


  1. CURSE OF THE DEMON (1957) [NIGHT OF THE DEMON British title]

Another triumph from director Jacques Tourneur.  Atheist Dana Andrews runs afoul of Niall McGinnis’ black magic.  The final 10 minutes are some of the most suspenseful in horror cinema.  Ever.


  1. THE WOLFMAN (2010 remake) [R and Unrated]

Benicio Del Toro’s restrained performance as Lawrence Talbot, Rick Baker’s makeup, Danny Elfman’s evocative score and Joe Johnston’s incomparable direction make this a classic.  Two claws up!


  1. NATURE’S GRAVE (2008) [Australian title LONG WEEKEND] [R]

Jim Caviezel of Passion of the Christ fame and Aussie hottie Claudia Karvan play a couple whose marriage is on the rocks and decide to take a long weekend away from it all in a place where…something…really does not like human beings.



Peter Cushing reprised his role as Van Helsing in this Hammer Studios classic, this time battling one of Count Dracula’s disciples to save the life — and soul — of an imperiled young woman.  This one has the most creative and powerful end scene of any vampire film.  Period.


  1. LATE PHASES (2014) [Not Rated]

Nick Damici delivers a masterful performance as an aged, crusty, grizzled, blind Vietnam era U.S. Army vet with a colorful mouth and a bleak outlook on life.  Who moves into  a  retirement community plagued with a beastly problem.  Possibly the most original werewolf movie ever made.  One of my all-time favorites.


  1. DOG SOLDIERS (2002) [R]

Second most original werewolf movie ever made.  A squad of British soldiers on maneuvers collides head-on with a werewolf pack in rural Scotland.  Outstanding musical score for a movie of this kind by Mark Thomas and unforgettable performances by Sean Pertwee and Kevin McKidd.  The humor, when needed, is priceless.


  1. THE BIRDS (1963)

No list is complete without an offering from Hitch himself.  The playground scene.  Enough said.


A native of Southeast Alabama now at home in Phoenix, Arizona, H.G. Ferguson has always loved the strange, the unnerving, the horrifying — in short, looking at things that go bump in the night, particularly monsters, outside the box.  A connoisseur of classic horror both literary and cinematic, he floods his writing with originality, creativity and a passion for Truth —  even when shrouded in shadows, like a candle flickering in a mortuary window.  H.G. is the author of New Blood, and his latest release, Jezebelle, comes out October 31 at Amazon.com


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