Erin Unger — Night Owl to the Core

Today we are excited to host author Erin Unger as she shares some thoughts on getting more done with the time we have available.

I’m not your typical gal. I stay up really late. Yep, like two or three in the morning. Sometimes even four a.m. And it’s been a problem of mine for many years. As a child, when all the other kids were tucked tight and snoring in their beds, I was snuggled down with a good book or thinking for hours, running ideas and storylines through the ringer to find the best angle and possibilities. And not much has changed over the years. My brain runs at full speed when it’s lights out for the world.

As a writer, being a night owl has helped me get a lot done. I have five kids: three homeschooled teens, two adults who until recently still lived at home, and two nieces who are at our house all the time. So you can imagine how hard it would be to get anything accomplished with the demands of family and noise a constant. Not even a sign of ‘Do Not Disturb’ can keep them away. Hence, the blessing of being a night person. God called me to be a writer, and He knew what it would take for me to do it.

I no longer fight it. For years it was embarrassing when the world was awake so early I’d only be halfway through my sleep cycle. Friends and family wanted to come over or to talk on the phone while I tried to pretend I’d been awake as long as they had. But no more. I proclaim to the world, I’m a night-owl and proud of it. God made me this way so I can write. I accept it. If anyone calls me before ten, there won’t be an answer. If anyone drops by for an early visit, they’ll probably be greeted by a quiet house and a locked door. But, hey, you want to visit at midnight? Pop in, I’ll get the coffee brewing and the brownies out. We’ll have a great time…if you can keep your eyes open.

Are any of you late-nighters like me, or do you wake at the first chirp of the birds? Comment below and tell me what your writing schedule is like.

About Erin:

Erin Unger weaves romantic suspense tales long after the midnight oil has burned out. And her fast-paced life sometimes rivals the suspense in her books thanks to a house full of teens. Her first novel, Fateful Fall (Worthington Detective Agency Book 1), released on August 2. She illustrated Memphis Learns the Hard Way by Karla Priddy Gragg in 2013. And Splickety Magazine published her flash-fiction story, An Accomplice to Love, in February 2016.


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