A Troubled Vacation

Have you ever had a troubled vacation?

There Was a Crooked Man, book 2 in the By The Numbers series – join Carly Turnquist, forensic accountant, as she travels with husband Mike on a working vacation to a dude ranch in New Mexico – working for him, vacation for her. However, she can’t even get off the plane before she spies out a suspicious death, and Mike knows he’s in for trouble because she can’t turn off her mystery detection sensor. At the ranch, veiled innuendoes, an obviously frightened ranch owner, missing ranch stock and inventory, and a mysterious message in a Bible give Carly lots of fodder for her imagination, but when a murder happens and all the suspects are trapped due to a huge snowstorm, things turn dangerous for everyone. Can Carly identify the killer, or will he—or she—succeed yet again? Available at Amazon.com

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