Author Spotlight — Ginger Solomon

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Today we get the chance to learn more about one of our favorite contemporary authors, Ginger Solomon, and she gives us a peak inside her newest book, Second Chance.

  • Please describe yourself with three words.

Introverted, practical, organized.

When I take personality tests, I almost always rate close to 100% introverted. I love people. In small, controlled doses. Most people find it humorous because my house is a busy place. I have seven children, and as of this posting only one has moved out. I also homeschool. When they were younger, I enforced reading time, so I could have a few hours to myself to recharge. Now that they’re older, it’s not as big of a deal, but there are still times when I need to go to my room to “get away.”

I’m also practical. I asked for a bread machine for Christmas. *shrug* My husband likes fresh bread (so do I), but making it can be time consuming. I’m busy. A bread machine allows me to throw in the ingredients and forget about it until hours later.

And lastly, I am organized. Everything has a place and should be there. It frustrates me when my family puts something away in the wrong place, even if there’s no particular rhyme or reason to my organizational methods. I know where it goes, and it better be there when I need it. My desk is chaotic (a bit), but I know where things are. I can put my hands on them pretty quickly, if I need to.

  • What do you enjoy doing for relaxation?


I like to read. A lot. My daughter and I recently went on a 7-day cruise. I read 6 ½ books, most of them full-length novels. If I’m not reading, I enjoy coloring in my adult coloring books, putting together puzzles, or playing games with my two youngest sons. Unless I’m asleep, I’m rarely doing nothing.

  • What genre(s) do you write in and why?

I love to read and write romance. I will read almost anything that has a romantic thread. At the moment, all of my published novels and novellas are contemporary romance. I have two historical romance novels written, and I hope to publish them soon—either through traditional means or on my own. I have even written a romantic fantasy, but that’s just a play novel (something I write in when I have writer’s block), and may never be read by anyone but my daughter.

Why do I love romance? I guess because I’m a romantic at heart, despite my practical nature. I love it when my husband brings me flowers or leaves me little notes. I like surprises (good ones, of course). I enjoy making people fall in love in spite of the many obstacles I… er… life puts in their way.

Are you a romantic?


Page one of Second Choice:


Kral Sarayi, The King’s Palace

South Belikara

June 2012

Anaya Vallis shook her head at the short note. Father God, help me as I speak with my father about this. She dreaded the coming confrontation. Her father had given her six months to make a choice and another six months to plan the wedding. Less than a month remained. Maybe he would give her until her twenty-first birthday—almost a year away. She frowned. Not likely. But how could she go forward without a groom?

Nothing to do except get it over with. She checked her appearance in the mirror. No sense angering her father by arriving unkempt. Her dark hair lay hidden beneath her navy blue head covering. She picked a speck of dust from her navy pants and smoothed out her colorful tunic. She loved wearing color and bling. However, out of respect for her father, who frowned at excess, she kept her choices minimal.

Enough. Procrastinating would not make it go away.

She trudged through centuries old stone hallways, past priceless artwork to the other side of the palace. The closer she got the harder it became to place one foot in front of the other. She paused outside of his office. After taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, she knocked on the door.


About Ginger:

Ginger Solomon is a Christian, a wife, a mother to seven, and a writer — in that order (mostly). When not homeschooling her youngest four, doing laundry or fixing dinner, she writes or reads romance of any genre, some sci-fi/fantasy, and some suspense. She’s a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, president of her local writing group, and writes regularly for two blogs. In addition to all that, she loves animals, likes to do needlework (knitting, crocheting, and sometimes cross-stitch), and is a fan of Once Upon a Time and Dr. Who.


Author Links:


Inspy Romance Blog

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Twitter @GingerS219


Amazon Author Page

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About Second Choice:

Set to be married in less than a month, Princess Anaya Vallis’s intended runs away, leaving only a cryptic note behind. Her father insists the wedding go forth as planned with a new groom. She has days to make a second choice.

Titus Vasco is like a ship without a rudder, floating through life without purpose. Until she calls. He accepts her proposal without hesitation.

But wedded bliss does not come easily. Two virtual strangers brought together by unforeseen circumstances must learn to trust each other and God’s plan for their lives in order to achieve the happily-ever-after they both long for.



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