Finding Your Way As a New Writer

Today I’m excited to host author Sherri Stone as she encourages us to find our way as a new–or not-so-new–writer.


If you’re like me you learn by doing and making mistakes. I’m a visual, hands-on learner with everything, including writing. I wrote my first two books before I knew anything about how to write fiction. One of those books is in a drawer, the other was the book I self- published last year. After a lot of rewriting. For someone who had no clue what head-hopping is, I had certainly done more than my share of it, along with backstory dumping and telling instead of showing. I learned that there are rules for writing and then a time to break the rules. I also learned how subjective those rules can be. Ask three different people about a writing related issue and you’re very likely to get three very different responses.

One of the first things you bump into when you begin your writing career – in whatever form that takes – is the whole issue of marketing. It will make your head spin trying to imagine how many social media outlets are out there that must have your attention and time if you plan to sell a book. Or get an agent. Or get traditionally published.

The list goes on and on…vanity publishing, language and edginess in a Christian story, having an agent – or not, defining success. One of my favorites is how you see yourself as a writer. Do you write every day for hours at a time? Is that the only way you can consider yourself a ‘real’ writer? Do you sneak in a few minutes here and there between your other obligations? Does that mean you’re just playing at being a writer?

I have found writers in my groups to be extremely generous when it comes to sharing and mentoring. ACFW includes well-established, award-winning authors who are blessed to be able to write full-time, and who are very successful. It also welcomes and embraces those with dreams in their hearts who have yet to write a word. Learners. Seekers. What we all must continue to be in this profession and in life.

We must be teachable. That is not only true as writers, but it is an attribute of spiritual maturity as well. God gives us the gift of others who have gone before so they can guide, teach, warn, protect, encourage, hold us accountable. We need all of that.

We must also be fearless. We serve a mighty God who calls us each with purpose. God has purposefully placed each one of us to reach a unique group of people. No one else can do that but you. Don’t be afraid to make your own way. Trust God to take your writing straight to the people who need it the most. Don’t forget the words of Esther 4:14, “who knows but that you have been placed here for such a time as this.”

Be teachable. Be fearless. Let God take you on the journey of a lifetime.

…and WRITE!

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Sherri has been a social worker for almost 25 years. Her debut fiction novel, Sacred Ashes, was released last year and is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Book two in the series is due out this summer, and book three by the end of the year.

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