The Greatest Ability God is Looking For

Hello faithful readers. This week we are thrilled to welcome Wade Webster to our blog site. Wade writes contemporary fiction, and has a book called 100 Prayers for Writers. Please leave a comment about this great article.

Welcome, Wade! Love your tagline: Driving People to Jesus.


Thanks, Leeann.

I’ve heard it said, “the greatest ability God is looking for is our availability.”

Writers are served well by this standard. At least that’s my experience from my first book project.

When I started writing eight years ago I never expected a compilation of prayers to be on my list of accomplishments. It ended up being the first book published with my name on it.

I fully expected public speaking to be a part of the journey. I still do. So, when the opportunity opened for me to give the class prayer for our adult fellowship on a rotating basis I jumped at the chance. I shook each time I brought the needs of our class before the throne of grace. Many people told me they were blessed by my prayers.

That lasted one year before that door closed to me. I wondered why, but trusted God was behind this surprise.

I was also in the American Christian Fiction Writers’ children’s fiction email loop to help sharpen my middle-grade novel I was working on. Sally began a weekly prayer for us to encourage us on. Her life took on some surprises of its own that made her step down from that obligation.

I took the invitation to take over this labor of love from her. Monday morning became my group prayer time for the next two years before that email loop was closed in favor of a Facebook group.

I didn’t know I was writing a book when I began this journey. I was simply obedient to my call.

I soon learned I needed a method of coming up with fresh ideas to pray about. I decided to turn to lists in the Bible as fodder for my faith walk.

Knowing we’re in a spiritual battle I began with the spiritual armor pieces of Ephesians 6:10-20.

The Beatitudes were followed by the love ingredients of 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, and so on.

This weekly walk came with surprise emails from members of the group I didn’t even know were in the group. Their encouragement spurred me on.

When I learned a good habit of writing is ending each paragraph with a strong sentence I tried to do just that. I’ll never forget the time I felt the need to go back and change one of those sentences before I sent it out. I ran out of time before I could make the change.

That exact sentence was emailed to me as something the Holy Spirit spoke life into one of the readers of those prayers. I’m glad the clock was not in my favor that week.

When God nudges you to step out of your comfort zone to try something new take that step of faith. You never know when this will become a book with your name on it, too.

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About Wade:

Wade Webster lives in Plano, Texas with his best friend, Jesus Christ. He attended Grace bible College in Wyoming, Michigan sometime in the last century and derives most of his income from driving trucks. Click on the links in either his blog or Facebook page to purchase an autographed copy of his book, or go to your favorite online retailer to buy it.


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