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Please join me in welcoming our guest blogger for this week, Dawn V. Cahill. She does a weekly drawing of new subscribers to her blog. The winner receives a free ebook. Here’s the link where they can subscribe:

On Thursday, Dawn will visit us again and talk about her latest book, Sapphire Secrets.


By Dawn V. Cahill

Write what you know, the experts say.

If I only wrote about what I knew, what a limited scope I’d have to choose from. Instead, my motto has become, Write What I Imagine.

How can a woman write from the viewpoint of a man when she’s never been a man in her life?

How can a fifty-something woman write from a twenty-something woman’s viewpoint?

How can a staunch Northwesterner write about life in San Francisco?

Only through imagination. Lots of observation. And lots of research.

If I wrote only what I know, I’d write of a boring, white, middle-aged, single, empty-nested female accountant who lives in Oregon.

I can see the book title now. “Single White Female Seeking a Life.”

I’m quite sure J.R.R. Tolkien had never been, or met, a hobbit in his life. (Unless it happens to be a well-guarded secret.) And I would bet Stephen King never practiced telekinesis, or knew anyone who did.

So I have to allow my imagination to soar when I write fiction. I love “stepping into the shoes” of people considerably different from myself, people with different values, speech patterns, lifestyles, beliefs. I, the grammar geek, learned to “speak” in ghetto slang. I learned how to think and talk like a man. In real life, however, I still speak and think like me.

It’s like being an actor. Like a woman playing a male role. A white woman playing the role of an inner-city Hispanic.

Whenever I look back on my handful of experiences playing a role on stage, I mostly cringe. But the word processor is much more forgiving. If I don’t get it right the first time, there’s not yet an audience to boo me off the stage. I can keep cutting and pasting until I get it right.

My writing muscles are being stretched tighter than my leg muscles in Zumba class.

Dawn V. Cahill, an indie author from the land of microbrews and coffee snobs, published her first book, When Lyric Met Limerick, in 2015. She blogs about puppies, substance abuse, and single parenting…sometimes all in the same day. She’s going to finish that novel she started at age 11 called Mitch and the Martians…someday. She has written several newspaper articles and more limericks than she can count. Sapphire Secrets is her first full-length novel. Email her at, or find her on Facebook, Twitter, and her website. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW).


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