Read All About It

By Teresa Ives Lilly

The famous words that the newsie’s would cry out as they stood on street corners selling the newspapers. Isn’t that still the cry today, not only from newspapers but from novelists and poets as well. Don’t we all want to stand on a street corner, with our newest novel, poem, novella, book and yell to the crowds passing by, “Read all about it, read all about it.”

In a way, we do that through social media. Utilizing the internet is like standing on a street corner. We just need to find a place where our writing format will be wanted. I’ve found myself repeatedly frustrated with Facebook as this social media platform for several reasons.

First, when you put a post on a Facebook group, there is little chance that more than 30% of the people in the group will ever see your post. If you are lucky enough to have people comment, share or bump your post, you may reach 10% more. So, it’s really a numbers game.

At least 10% to 20% of the members have set their preferences to not see daily posts and a fairly active Facebook group will cause your post to quickly disappear  as new posts are put up.

I’ve noticed that writers tend to join many Facebook groups which include the word READER in the name. Many of these groups have lists of thousands of members, and so, we as writers join, hoping to share a post about our newest  novel. We believe thousands will see the post (which we already have determined won’t happen) and that thousands will then follow our links and buy our books.

Reality. Of those thousands of members, more than half are other writers, who do not plan to purchase books from other writers. They are members for the same advertising hopes we joined the group for.

So, if 50% of members won’t purchase our books on Reader pages because they are writers themselves, and 20% of members have their preferences to see posts turned off, and our posts disappear too quickly and no one comments or bumps our post, the chances of selling a book this way are very slim indeed. In fact, I have personally posted on groups with over 30,000 members and often had no response at all.

So, perhaps Facebook is not our best corner to stand on…

I’m wondering what other have found as a great corner?  Please share your ideas.

Teresa Ives Lilly
Author and Owner of which is currently open to submissions for certain novella collections.

See my most recent novella Gold Dust Tea.

Jennie Felder has come from Oregon on a mule train to join her brother in Shasta, California. When she arrives and discovers her brother is running the Gold Dust Saloon, she wants to leave, but has no place to go. Then, her brother gets put in jail, and she must run some kind of business to keep him from losing the building. Against the recommendation of handsome Lance Corte, Jennie converts the saloon into a Tea House.
Can she convert Lance’s heart as well?

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Teresa Ives Lilly has written many Christian Novellas. Her Orphan Train Bride Novel was a number one best seller on Amazon for several weeks. She also writes children’s chapter books and has created over two hundred Unit Studies used in public, private, and home school settings She lives in San Antonio, Texas and loves to hear from her readers at

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