Prolific Writers

Here’s a great article for writers who produce many projects.

I have a few clients who are very prolific. As soon as they’ve finished a manuscript, they’re always excited to move on to another. They immediately brainstorm a new book and get going on it. They can write two or more terrific manuscripts in a year.

For some authors, especially if they’re already established, this works out great because they’re able to contract those books as fast as they can write them. But for other authors, not so much. The problem comes with a writer who is contracting with a publisher for the first time. Let’s say the publisher loves their writing and we get a two-book deal. Those two books may already be complete before we even sign the contract. They’ll have edits and revisions to deal with, but they’re going to want be writing also, since that’s what makes them happy. So they start on a new project.

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