Today is the final in a series of posts with Author Margaret Mizushima and Agent Terrie Wolf.

In the life of an author, release day is a big deal. KILLING TRAIL: A TIMBER CREEK K-9 MYSTERY releases today!

Author Margaret Mizushima and agent Terrie Wolf of AKA Literary Management answer questions about their affiliation and the book KILLING TRAIL: A TIMBER CREEK K-9 MYSTERY to be released on December 8, 2015 by Crooked Lane Books.


What makes a strong author/agent relationship?

Margaret: As in any business relationship, communication and mutual respect are key. It’s important for teammates to have an equal exchange of talking and listening to assure they understand one another and arrive at mutual goals. This has been easy with Terrie, because she has excellent communication skills. Mutual respect is self-explanatory, but when it comes to specifics for an author/agent relationship, respecting an agent’s time is critical. An agent has many clients and must budget time accordingly. Don’t waste it.

Terrie: My father always told me to stick with people you admire since they could teach you a little something about a lot of everything. So it is with Margaret. Not only do I admire her, but for everything I may have helped her learn, she’s taught me a little something (or a big something) in return. We like one another and as she mentioned, we trust one another. I can proudly relate that Margaret has taken the role of author seriously and we both believe in her mission. She meets her goals, welcomes insight, and wants to excel in every component of her business. We’ve developed a nice cadence and I can tell you the rejections, revisions, setbacks, personal losses and trials pale in comparison to the sense of elation I feel for Margaret. We have a long walk ahead of us, and that suits us well.

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Margaret Mizushima is the author of Killing Trail: A Timber Creek K-9 Mystery to be released December 8, 2015 by Crooked Lane Books. After earning a master’s degree in speech pathology, Margaret practiced in a hospital and her own rehabilitation agency, and now she assists her husband with their veterinary clinic and Angus cattle herd. Her short story “Hay Hook” was published in the 2014 Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers anthology Crossing Colfax. She enjoys reading and hiking and lives in Colorado on a small farm where she and her husband raised two daughters and a multitude of animals. She can be found on Facebook/AuthorMargaretMizushima, on Twitter @margmizu, and on her website at