Developing Characters

It is important to develop the characters in our stories. This article provides some helpful tips.

Whether we like or dislike a character in a novel depends as much on first impressions as it does when we meet a new neighbor or a new colleague—the way people look, what they say or don’t say in that first conversation, whether they have a strong handshake, order a second drink, or laugh to much or too little or not at all. In real life, it takes a while until we get to peek behind an often well-guarded façade. By the time we hear about a person’s childhood, relationship trouble or otherwise relevant background, we’ve known them for a while and have already formed an image of them in our minds. Of course, once we find out more about them, we may change our minds and like a person more—or less. Some people grow on us, and others, well, they don’t. Learn more.