2016 Pikes Peak Writing Conference

The Pikes Peak Writing Conference for 2016 is being planned now.

The 2016 Pikes Peak Writers Conference will be the 24th running of this spectacular event. For nearly a quarter-century, Pikes Peak Writers has been organizing a gathering of aspiring authors from all spectrums and skill levels.

At the 2015 Conference, I had the pleasure of meeting a new writer who was working on her first chapter. In that same weekend, I had the honor of meeting R.L. Stine, who has published more than three-hundred books. That’s what our conference is about. It’s about those who have achieved their dreams encouraging those who are still chasing theirs. It is a place where emerging authors can gather, no matter their abilities or genres, and enjoy being around others who share similar aspirations. The Pikes Peak Writers Conference is about learning, networking, and about friendship. Learn more.



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