The Writer’s Journey

This is an interesting article on the writer’s journey.

  1. If you’re doing it right, the writing never gets easier.

I sat down to write my second novel with a naïve optimism. I’ve done this before, I thought, and along the way I’ve learned so much about how fiction works and how I write. Even so, it took five drafts to find the right voice and structure. At first, I was disappointed in myself. (The writer’s first instinct.) After all this time, how could I find myself still so lost? Then I realized I was lost because I was trying something new. It might be easier if I was rehashing the same plots and settings and characters, but I don’t want to do that. All of that stumbling and grappling doesn’t mean my skill-level is stagnant—it means I’m developing even more as a writer. Learn more.



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