Agent For Fee Services

The Writer’s Beware blog provides up-to-date things to watch for in the publishing world. This article informative article provides some great details to look out for when shopping for an agent.

Agent middleman services–services that, for a fee, purport to contact agents on your behalf with the aim of snagging representation and, hopefully, a publishing contract.

A particularly egregious example:’s Finding a Publisher service. (All errors courtesy of the original.)

Agents in New York or London receive thousands of query letters a year in the first stage of the book-beauty-contest that is traditional publishing….

Publishing a new author represents a significant investment for any publishing house which goes far beyond the amount of advance. To reach the promise land it is absolutely vital for an author have all the links in the chain in place or they will not be successful in securing a publishing contract.

What are those all-important links? Read on.