Antagonist and Instigator Part One

When I was a kid, my mom had two nicknames for me: antagonist and instigator. She called me the first when I insisted on playing every game by the rules and got angry with the other kids who didn’t want to play that way. She called me the second when things were going too smoothly and too quietly and so I would push my sister or take my brother’s toy, just to get a reaction.

Little did I know I was already in training to be a writer.

Every good story needs the hero and the heroine, maybe a little romance to keep them coming back to each other, and a little conflict to keep the story going until its satisfying conclusion.

But your story needs more than that. Your story needs an antagonist and an instigator.

The antagonist is the character who tries to keep you’re here/heroine from getting what they want. The antagonist isn’t always an evil villain, although he could be. Your antagonist’s goals should be the opposite of what your hero/heroine wants. For example, if your hero wants to get elected as dog catcher in his town, the antagonist might be the other person running in the election. Who might also be the hero’s wife/love interest. They both think they will be the best dog catcher this town ever had. And they might have completely opposing views of how to accomplish that goal.

Donna Schlachter guest writer

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