Style Lessons From Audrey Hepburn

Last month was Audrey Hepburn’s 85th birthday. She rocked the  world with her classical style. As a writer, I’m always looking for clothing to describe some of my characters. Ms. Hepburn put together some outfits that remain stylish to this day.

We, like many women before us, hereby declare Audrey Hepburn our official classic style icon. Her closet was full of the many fashion staples women still swear by today: fitted pants, the “LBD,” cropped silhouettes and an envious assortment of hats and earrings. She wasn’t afraid to wear pants (or a suit!) and always retained an aura of femininity with her outfit choices.

But what we love best about Hepburn’s style was her hearty attitude. She was able to make such groundbreaking sartorial choices because she was confident in her own skin and didn’t take life too seriously. Henceforth, 25 essential style lessons you can learn from the legend… Click here to learn more.



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