One Writer’s Space

I like to read how other writers write. What their workspaces look like and how they schedule each day. This article caught my attention and I wanted to share it with you.

This strange long room was once the entrance to a builder’s yard. It was derelict when I bought it four years ago. From here I can go out of the yard into the street and straight into my front door. It’s only about three metres, but the separation of home and work is crucial. There are some reminders of South Africa here: the table is a very traditional Cape table of yellow-wood and stink-wood. The Cameroonian figures, the Coca-Cola radio, the biplane – all come from South Africa. There is a statuette, which was a Jewish cultural award for my last book. Just visible is a picture of Nadine Gordimer, which I took in her house in Johannesburg a few years ago. Books are everywhere, and creeping from the Ikea shelves into the garage which leads off this room. Click here to learn more.



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