Finishing Stories

Stories need to be finished. After the first few drafts are finished, what do we do? Today’s featured link provides some helpful tips on polishing  a manuscript. Enjoy.

So you have a story. You’re not sure whether it’s really ready to share with other people. You’re afraid that it’s going to stick its foot into its mouth. It’s going to say something truly embarrassing to your great-aunts. It’s going to slurp soup, spit when it says the word “protuberance,” and, in short, flop.

Like all children, it has its good points, but you’re afraid of what it’s going to do the first time it goes out to a bar and gets a bit drunk. You’re terrified of what it’s going to wear during its first job interview. You have fevered nightmares in which it dates all the wrong sort of people, the crazy ones with parents who look altogether too similar to each other or are familiar from America’s Most Wanted.

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