Writing Challenge Day Five

Day 5

Write a 20-line poem about a memorable event in your life.

I hate to look the fool.

I recall that day in school

When the basset hound came into our classroom.

He wandered among the desks

And made some boys laugh.

And some of the girls cried

But not me.

I picked that dog right up

And balanced him on my hip

And walked him down to the door out to the street.

I sent him on his way

And went back to my class

Where all the kids laughed at me.

You see, when I picked up the dog

His hind leg hooked in my skirt.

I didn’t feel the draught

I didn’t know a thing.

And so I marched down the hall

Showing my bloomers.

I hate to look the fool.

What is your memorable event that you would like to write a poem about?