Make Money Writing

This article provides some tips for writers on earning money in the writing field. I hope you enjoy it.

Getting a book published is a long-running game, one that may or may not be lucrative. But while you chip away at your dreams of Pulitzer Prize glory, freelance writing is a way to keep your skills sharp, hone your querying confidence, and bring in money now.

If you’re here, you’re probably an author. You’ve probably sent out dozens – if not hundreds – of queries. You’ve probably had your artist’s heart trampled by rejection after rejection. Congratulations. You are officially miles ahead of the average aspiring freelance writer. You already know how to write a query. You know how to roll with denials and the chilly black hole of no response. All for projects that meant a great deal more to you than your average magazine story ever could. If you want to start making money with those hard-earned skills, you’re better prepared than most to dive straight into the fray and emerge victorious. Click here to learn more.